Frédéric Gillot
Frédéric Gillot
Maître de conférence, Ecole Centrale de Lyon
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Sensitivity analysis and Kriging based models for robust stability analysis of brake systems
L Nechak, F Gillot, S Besset, JJ Sinou
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Reliability based robust design optimization for tuned mass damper in passive vibration control of deterministic/uncertain structures
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Capacitive pressure sensor with wide-range, bendable, and high sensitivity based on the bionic komochi konbu structure and Cu/Ni nanofiber network
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H Tsuchiya, K Manabe, T Gaudelet, T Moriya, K Suwabe, ...
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Shape optimization under vibroacoustic criteria in the mid-high frequency range
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Space infill study of kriging meta-model for multi-objective optimization of an engine cooling fan
Z Zhang, B Demory, M Henner, P Ferrand, F Gillot, Y Beddadi, ...
Turbo Expo: Power for Land, Sea, and Air 45578, V01AT10A003, 2014
Douleur chronique: une maladie du deuil?
B Maillard, FR Galais, F Gillot, M Letellier, J Nizard
Douleurs: Evaluation-Diagnostic-Traitement 17 (1), 28-33, 2016
Modeling the mechanisms driving ac electro-osmotic flow on planar microelectrodes
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Adjoint sensitivity related to geometric parameters for mid-high frequency range vibroacoustics
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Plainte douloureuse et deuil impossible
F Gillot, B Maillard
Perspectives Psy 53 (2), 118-123, 2014
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