Xuechen Zhang
Xuechen Zhang
Assistant Professor of Compute Science
確認したメール アドレス: wsu.edu - ホームページ
Flexpath: Type-based publish/subscribe system for large-scale science analytics
J Dayal, D Bratcher, G Eisenhauer, K Schwan, M Wolf, X Zhang, H Abbasi, ...
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Demand based hierarchical QoS using storage resource pools
A Gulati, G Shanmuganathan, X Zhang, P Varman
Presented as part of the 2012 {USENIX} Annual Technical Conference ({USENIX …, 2012
iTransformer: Using SSD to improve disk scheduling for high-performance I/O
X Zhang, K Davis, S Jiang
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Making resonance a common case: A high-performance implementation of collective I/O on parallel file systems
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QoS support for end users of I/O-intensive applications using shared storage systems
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iBridge: Improving Unaligned Parallel File Access with Solid-State Drives
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InterferenceRemoval removing interference of disk access for MPI programs through data replication
X Zhang, S Jiang
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Opportunistic data-driven execution of parallel programs for efficient I/O services
X Zhang, K Davis, S Jiang
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Argo: An exascale operating system and runtime
S Perarnau, R Gupta, P Beckman
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Making sense of performance in in-memory computing frameworks for scientific data analysis: A case study of the spark system
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Understanding issue correlations: a case study of the Hadoop system
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Synergistic Coupling of SSD and Hard Disk for QoS-aware Virtual Memory
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YouChoose: A performance interface enabling convenient and efficient QoS support for consolidated storage systems
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Scibox:Online Sharing of Scientific Data via the Cloud
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Storage device performance prediction with selective bagging classification and regression tree
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LiU: Hiding disk access latency for HPC applications with a new SSD-enabled data layout
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Large-scale adaptive mesh simulations through non-volatile byte-addressable memory
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Youchoose: Choosing your storage device as a performance interface to consolidated i/o service
X Zhang, Y Xu, S Jiang
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