Johannes Welbl
Johannes Welbl
Research Scientist, DeepMind
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Complex embeddings for simple link prediction
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Crowdsourcing multiple choice science questions
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Ucl machine reading group: Four factor framework for fact finding (hexaf)
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Casting random forests as artificial neural networks (and profiting from it)
J Welbl
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Achieving verified robustness to symbol substitutions via interval bound propagation
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Making sense of sensory input
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Event detection by feature unpredictability in phase-contrast videos of cell cultures
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Undersensitivity in neural reading comprehension
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Beat the AI: Investigating Adversarial Human Annotations for Reading Comprehension
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Evaluating the Apperception Engine
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Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Representation Learning for NLP
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Scalable Neural Learning for Verifiable Consistency with Temporal Specifications
S Dathathri, J Welbl, KD Dvijotham, R Kumar, A Kanade, J Uesato, ...
Towards Verified Robustness under Text Deletion Interventions
J Welbl, PS Huang, R Stanforth, S Gowal, KD Dvijotham, M Szummer, ...
International Conference on Learning Representations, 2019
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