Aleksandr Mikhalev
Aleksandr Mikhalev
Postdoc, KAUST
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Tile low rank cholesky factorization for climate/weather modeling applications on manycore architectures
K Akbudak, H Ltaief, A Mikhalev, D Keyes
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Iterative representing set selection for nested cross approximation
AY Mikhalev, IV Oseledets
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Polarized continuum solvent model: considerable acceleration with the multicharge matrix approximation
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Rectangular maximum-volume submatrices and their applications
A Mikhalev, IV Oseledets
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Exploiting data sparsity for large-scale matrix computations
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Application of the multicharge approximation for large dense matrices in the framework of the polarized continuum solvent model
AY Mikhalev, IV Oferkin, IV Oseledets, AV Sulimov, EE Tyrtyshnikov, ...
Vychislitel'nye Metody i Programmirovanie 15 (1), 9-21, 2014
Efficient Rectangular Maximal-Volume Algorithm for Rating Elicitation in Collaborative Filtering
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Engineering optimization with the fast boundary element method
I Ostanin, A Mikhalev, D Zorin, I Oseledets
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Representation of quasiseparable matrices using excluded sums and equivalent charges
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Rectangular submatrices of maximum volume and their computation
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STARS-H: a High-Performance H-Matrix Market Library for Large-Scale Systems
A Mikhalev, H Ltaief, D Keyes
AO (nr) representation of quasiseparable matrices
IV Oseledets, AY Mikhalev
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