Ido Goldstein
Ido Goldstein
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‘Cancer associated fibroblasts’–more than meets the eye
S Madar, I Goldstein, V Rotter
Trends in molecular medicine 19 (8), 447-453, 2013
p53‐repressed miRNAs are involved with E2F in a feed‐forward loop promoting proliferation
R Brosh, R Shalgi, A Liran, G Landan, K Korotayev, GH Nguyen, E Enerly, ...
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Understanding wild-type and mutant p53 activities in human cancer: new landmarks on the way to targeted therapies
I Goldstein, V Marcel, M Olivier, M Oren, V Rotter, P Hainaut
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Steroid receptors reprogram FoxA1 occupancy through dynamic chromatin transitions
EE Swinstead, TB Miranda, V Paakinaho, S Baek, I Goldstein, M Hawkins, ...
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TMPRSS2/ERG promotes epithelial to mesenchymal transition through the ZEB1/ZEB2 axis in a prostate cancer model
O Leshem, S Madar, I Kogan-Sakin, I Kamer, I Goldstein, R Brosh, ...
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Regulation of lipid metabolism by p53–fighting two villains with one sword
I Goldstein, V Rotter
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Modulated expression of WFDC1 during carcinogenesis and cellular senescence
S Madar, R Brosh, Y Buganim, O Ezra, I Goldstein, H Solomon, I Kogan, ...
Carcinogenesis 30 (1), 20-27, 2009
Mutant p53R273H attenuates the expression of phase 2 detoxifying enzymes and promotes the survival of cells with high levels of reactive oxygen species
E Kalo, I Kogan-Sakin, H Solomon, E Bar-Nathan, M Shay, Y Shetzer, ...
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Various p53 mutant proteins differently regulate the Ras circuit to induce a cancer-related gene signature
H Solomon, Y Buganim, I Kogan-Sakin, L Pomeraniec, Y Assia, S Madar, ...
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p53, a novel regulator of lipid metabolism pathways
I Goldstein, O Ezra, N Rivlin, A Molchadsky, S Madar, N Goldfinger, ...
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p53 Regulates the Ras circuit to inhibit the expression of a cancer-related gene signature by various molecular pathways
Y Buganim, H Solomon, Y Rais, D Kistner, I Nachmany, M Brait, S Madar, ...
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p53 promotes the expression of gluconeogenesis-related genes and enhances hepatic glucose production
I Goldstein, K Yizhak, S Madar, N Goldfinger, E Ruppin, V Rotter
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A novel translocation breakpoint within the BPTF gene is associated with a pre-malignant phenotype
Y Buganim, I Goldstein, D Lipson, M Milyavsky, S Polak-Charcon, ...
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The role of the p53 tumor suppressor in metabolism and diabetes
CP Kung, ME Murphy
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Transcriptional and chromatin regulation during fasting–the genomic era
I Goldstein, GL Hager
Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism 26 (12), 699-710, 2015
Chemotherapeutic agents induce the expression and activity of their clearing enzyme CYP3A4 by activating p53
I Goldstein, N Rivlin, O Shoshana, O Ezra, S Madar, N Goldfinger, ...
Carcinogenesis 34 (1), 190-198, 2013
Transcriptional activity of ATF3 in the stromal compartment of tumors promotes cancer progression
Y Buganim, S Madar, Y Rais, L Pomeraniec, E Harel, H Solomon, E Kalo, ...
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Bivariate genomic footprinting detects changes in transcription factor activity
S Baek, I Goldstein, GL Hager
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Transcription factor assisted loading and enhancer dynamics dictate the hepatic fasting response
I Goldstein, S Baek, DM Presman, V Paakinaho, EE Swinstead, GL Hager
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The human 1‐8D gene (IFITM2) is a novel p53 independent pro‐apoptotic gene
V Daniel‐Carmi, E Makovitzki‐Avraham, EM Reuven, I Goldstein, N Zilkha, ...
International journal of cancer 125 (12), 2810-2819, 2009
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