Claudio Mura
Claudio Mura
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Automatic room detection and reconstruction in cluttered indoor environments with complex room layouts
C Mura, O Mattausch, AJ Villanueva, E Gobbetti, R Pajarola
Computers & Graphics 44, 20-32, 2014
Object detection and classification from large‐scale cluttered indoor scans
O Mattausch, D Panozzo, C Mura, O Sorkine‐Hornung, R Pajarola
Computer Graphics Forum 33 (2), 11-21, 2014
Piecewise‐planar Reconstruction of Multi‐room Interiors with Arbitrary Wall Arrangements
C Mura, O Mattausch, R Pajarola
Computer Graphics Forum 35 (7), 179-188, 2016
Robust reconstruction of interior building structures with multiple rooms under clutter and occlusions
C Mura, O Mattausch, AJ Villanueva, E Gobbetti, R Pajarola
2013 International Conference on Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics …, 2013
Robust normal estimation in unstructured 3D point clouds by selective normal space exploration
C Mura, G Wyss, R Pajarola
The Visual Computer 34 (6-8), 961-971, 2018
Reconstructing Complex Indoor Environments with Arbitrary Wall Orientations.
C Mura, AJ Villanueva, O Mattausch, E Gobbetti, R Pajarola
Eurographics (Posters) 19, 38-40, 2014
SOAR: Stochastic Optimization for Affine global point set Registration
M Agus, E Gobbetti, AJ Villanueva, C Mura, R Pajarola
The Eurographics Association, 2014
Exploiting the room structure of buildings for scalable architectural modeling of interiors
C Mura, R Pajarola
ACM SIGGRAPH 2017 Posters, 1-2, 2017
Multi-scale planar segments extraction from point clouds
T Lejemble, C Mura, L Barthe, N Mellado
Multi-Scale Point Cloud Analysis.
T Lejemble, C Mura, L Barthe, N Mellado
Eurographics (Posters), 17-18, 2019
Room-aware Architectural 3D Modeling of Building Interiors from Point Clouds
C Mura
University of Zurich, 2017
Two Examples of GPGPU Acceleration of Memory-intensive Algorithms.
S Marras, C Mura, E Gobbetti, R Scateni, R Scopigno
Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference, 49-56, 2010
Topological Operations on Triangle Meshes Using the OpenMesh Library.
F Guggeri, S Marras, C Mura, R Scateni
Eurographics Italian Chapter Conference, 73-80, 2008
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