Tsuyoshi Nishikawa
Tsuyoshi Nishikawa
Department of Polymer Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University
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Chirality-switchable circularly polarized luminescence in solution based on the solvent-dependent helix inversion of poly (quinoxaline-2, 3-diyl) s
Y Nagata, T Nishikawa, M Suginome
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Poly(quinoxaline-2,3-diyl)s Bearing (S)-3-Octyloxymethyl Side Chains as an Efficient Amplifier of Alkane Solvent Effect Leading to Switch of Main-Chain Helical …
Y Nagata, T Nishikawa, M Suginome
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (45), 15901-15904, 2014
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Exerting control over the helical chirality in the main chain of sergeants-and-soldiers-type poly (quinoxaline-2, 3-diyl) s by changing from random to block copolymerization …
Y Nagata, T Nishikawa, M Suginome
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Elucidating the Solvent Effect on the Switch of the Helicity of Poly (quinoxaline-2, 3-diyl) s: A Conformational Analysis by Small-Angle Neutron Scattering
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FKC Leung, F Ishiwari, Y Shoji, T Nishikawa, R Takeda, Y Nagata, ...
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Elucidating Monomer Character of an Alkenyl Boronate through Radical Copolymerization Leads to Copolymer Synthesis beyond the Limitation of Copolymerizability by Side-Chain …
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Hydrophobicity and CH/π-interaction-driven self-assembly of amphiphilic aromatic hydrocarbons into nanosheets
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A bidirectional screw‐sense induction of poly (quinoxaline‐2, 3‐diyl) s that depends on the degree of polymerization
Y Nagata, T Nishikawa, K Terao, H Hasegawa, M Suginome
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 57 (3), 260-263, 2019
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