Avinash Rustagi
Avinash Rustagi
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Circular polarization dependent cyclotron resonance in large-area graphene in ultrahigh magnetic fields
LG Booshehri, CH Mielke, DG Rickel, SA Crooker, Q Zhang, L Ren, ...
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A Rustagi, AF Kemper
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Photoemission signature of excitons
A Rustagi, AF Kemper
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Dense Electron–Hole Plasma Formation and Ultralong Charge Lifetime in Monolayer MoS2 via Material Tuning
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Subnanosecond fluctuations in low-barrier nanomagnets
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Nonequilibrium electron dynamics in pump-probe spectroscopy: Role of excited phonon populations
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Coherent excitonic quantum beats in time-resolved photoemission measurements
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Experimental observation of coupled valley and spin Hall effect in p‐doped WSe2 devices
TYT Hung, A Rustagi, S Zhang, P Upadhyaya, Z Chen
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Detecting the Photoexcited Carrier Distribution Across GaAs/Transition Metal Oxide Interfaces by Coherent Longitudinal Acoustic Phonons
KL Pollock, HQ Doan, A Rustagi, CJ Stanton, T Cuk
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Terahertz radiation from accelerating charge carriers in graphene under ultrafast photoexcitation
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Hot-electron noise properties of graphene-like systems
A Rustagi, CJ Stanton
Physical Review B 90 (24), 245424, 2014
Valley and Zeeman Splittings in Multilayer Epitaxial Graphene Revealed by Circular Polarization Resolved Magneto-infrared Spectroscopy
Y Jiang, Z Lu, J Gigliotti, A Rustagi, L Chen, C Berger, W de Heer, ...
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Sensing chiral magnetic noise via quantum impurity relaxometry
A Rustagi, I Bertelli, T van der Sar, P Upadhyaya
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Electric field control of interaction between magnons and quantum spin defects
AB Solanki, SI Bogdanov, A Rustagi, NR Dilley, T Shen, MM Rahman, ...
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Observation of oscillation phenomena in heavy meson systems
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Current Science 93 (5), 602-604, 2007
Flat-band-induced itinerant ferromagnetism in
J Huang, Z Wang, H Pang, H Wu, H Cao, SK Mo, A Rustagi, AF Kemper, ...
Physical Review B 103 (16), 165105, 2021
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