Douwe Kiela
Douwe Kiela
Research Scientist, Facebook AI Research
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Supervised learning of universal sentence representations from natural language inference data
A Conneau, D Kiela, H Schwenk, L Barrault, A Bordes
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Poincaré embeddings for learning hierarchical representations
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Personalizing dialogue agents: I have a dog, do you have pets too?
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Learning image embeddings using convolutional neural networks for improved multi-modal semantics
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Senteval: An evaluation toolkit for universal sentence representations
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A systematic study of semantic vector space model parameters
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Specializing word embeddings for similarity or relatedness
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Learning continuous hierarchies in the lorentz model of hyperbolic geometry
M Nickel, D Kiela
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Black holes and white rabbits: Metaphor identification with visual features
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Improving multi-modal representations using image dispersion: Why less is sometimes more
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Multi-and cross-modal semantics beyond vision: Grounding in auditory perception
D Kiela, S Clark
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Emergent communication in a multi-modal, multi-step referential game
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Hyperlex: A large-scale evaluation of graded lexical entailment
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The second conversational intelligence challenge (convai2)
E Dinan, V Logacheva, V Malykh, A Miller, K Shuster, J Urbanek, D Kiela, ...
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Dynamic meta-embeddings for improved sentence representations
D Kiela, C Wang, K Cho
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No training required: Exploring random encoders for sentence classification
J Wieting, D Kiela
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Talk the walk: Navigating new york city through grounded dialogue
H de Vries, K Shuster, D Batra, D Parikh, J Weston, D Kiela
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Hearst patterns revisited: Automatic hypernym detection from large text corpora
S Roller, D Kiela, M Nickel
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Exploiting image generality for lexical entailment detection
D Kiela, L Rimell, I Vulic, S Clark
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Visually grounded and textual semantic models differentially decode brain activity associated with concrete and abstract nouns
AJ Anderson, D Kiela, S Clark, M Poesio
Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics 5, 17-30, 2017
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