Hiraku Matsukuma
Hiraku Matsukuma
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Actively Q-switched dual-wavelength pumped Er3+ :ZBLAN fiber laser at 3.47 µm
N Bawden, H Matsukuma, O Henderson-Sapir, E Klantsataya, S Tokita, ...
Optics letters 43 (11), 2724-2727, 2018
Fluoride-fiber-based side-pump coupler for high-power fiber lasers at 2.8 μm
CA Schäfer, H Uehara, D Konishi, S Hattori, H Matsukuma, M Murakami, ...
Optics letters 43 (10), 2340-2343, 2018
Correlation between laser absorption and radiation conversion efficiency in laser produced tin plasma
H Matsukuma, A Sunahara, T Yanagida, H Tomuro, K Kouge, T Kodama, ...
Applied Physics Letters 107 (12), 121103, 2015
A chromatic confocal probe with a mode-locked femtosecond laser source
X Chen, T Nakamura, Y Shimizu, C Chen, YL Chen, H Matsukuma, ...
Optics & Laser Technology 103, 359-366, 2018
Design and testing of a micro-thermal sensor probe for nondestructive detection of defects on a flat surface
Y Shimizu, Y Matsuno, YL Chen, H Matsukuma, W Gao
Nanomanufacturing and Metrology 1 (1), 45-57, 2018
The measurement of plasma structure in a magnetic thrust chamber
R Kawashima, T Morita, N Yamamoto, N Saito, S Fujioka, H Nishimura, ...
Plasma and Fusion Research 11, 3406012-3406012, 2016
A Method for Expansion of Z-Directional Measurement Range in a Mode-Locked Femtosecond Laser Chromatic Confocal Probe
C Chen, R Sato, Y Shimizu, T Nakamura, H Matsukuma, W Gao
Applied Sciences 9 (3), 454, 2019
Plane-by-plane femtosecond laser inscription of first-order fiber Bragg gratings in fluoride glass fiber for in situ monitoring of lasing evolution
K Goya, H Matsukuma, H Uehara, S Hattori, C Schäfer, D Konishi, ...
Optics express 26 (25), 33305-33313, 2018
An ultra-precision tool nanoindentation instrument for replication of single point diamond tool cutting edges
Y Cai, YL Chen, M Xu, Y Shimizu, S Ito, H Matsukuma, W Gao
Measurement Science and Technology 29 (5), 054004, 2018
Q-switched dual-wavelength pumped 3.5-µm erbium-doped mid-infrared fiber laser
N Bawden, H Matsukuma, O Henderson-Sapir, E Klantsataya, S Tokita, ...
Fiber Lasers XV: Technology and Systems 10512, 105120T, 2018
Far-infrared-light shadowgraphy for high extraction efficiency of extreme ultraviolet light from a CO2-laser-generated tin plasma
H Matsukuma, T Hosoda, Y Suzuki, A Yogo, T Yanagida, T Kodama, ...
Applied Physics Letters 109 (5), 051104, 2016
Uncertainty evaluation for measurements of pitch deviation and out-of-flatness of planar scale gratings by a Fizeau interferometer in Littrow configuration
X Xiong, Y Shimizu, X Chen, H Matsukuma, W Gao
Applied Sciences 8 (12), 2539, 2018
A liquid-surface-based three-axis inclination sensor for measurement of stage tilt motions
Y Shimizu, S Kataoka, T Ishikawa, YL Chen, X Chen, H Matsukuma, ...
Sensors 18 (2), 398, 2018
Reduction in Cross-Talk Errors in a Six-Degree-of-Freedom Surface Encoder
H Matsukuma, R Ishizuka, M Furuta, X Li, Y Shimizu, W Gao
Nanomanufacturing and Metrology 2 (2), 111-123, 2019
A Design Study of a Heat Flow-Type Reading Head for a Linear Encoder Based on a Micro Thermal Sensor
Y Shimizu, A Ishida, Y Matsuno, H Matsukuma, W Gao
Nanomanufacturing and Metrology 2 (2), 100-110, 2019
Accurate polarization control in nonorthogonal two-axis Lloyd’s mirror interferometer for fabrication of two-dimensional scale gratings
Y Shimizu, K Mano, K Zhang, H Matsukuma, W Gao
Optical Engineering 58 (9), 092611, 2019
A PD-edge method associated with the laser autocollimation for measurement of a focused laser beam diameter
Y Shimizu, T Maruyama, S Nakagawa, YL Chen, H Matsukuma, W Gao
Measurement Science and Technology 29 (7), 074006, 2018
High quality-factor quartz tuning fork glass probe used in tapping mode atomic force microscopy for surface profile measurement
YL Chen, Y Xu, Y Shimizu, H Matsukuma, W Gao
Measurement Science and Technology 29 (6), 065014, 2018
The effects of microstructure on propagation of laser-driven radiative heat waves in under-dense high-Z plasma
JD Colvin, H Matsukuma, KC Brown, JF Davis, GE Kemp, K Koga, ...
Physics of Plasmas 25 (3), 032702, 2018
Disalignment rates of the neon 2p5 and 2p10 atoms due to helium atom collisions measured at temperatures between 77 and 294 K
H Matsukuma, T Shikama, M Hasuo
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 44 (7), 075206, 2011
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