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Molybdenum hexacarbonyl mediated CO gas-free carbonylative reactions
LR Odell, F Russo, M Larhed
Synlett 23 (05), 685-698, 2012
Inhibition of Dynamin Mediated Endocytosis by the DynolesXSynthesis and Functional Activity of a Family of Indoles
TA Hill, CP Gordon, AB McGeachie, B Venn-Brown, LR Odell, N Chau, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 52 (12), 3762-3773, 2009
Functionalized 3-amino-imidazo [1, 2-a] pyridines: a novel class of drug-like Mycobacterium tuberculosis glutamine synthetase inhibitors
LR Odell, MT Nilsson, J Gising, O Lagerlund, D Muthas, A Nordqvist, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 19 (16), 4790-4793, 2009
Aminocarbonylations Employing Mo(CO)6 and a Bridged Two-Vial System: Allowing the Use of Nitro Group Substituted Aryl Iodides and Aryl Bromides
P Nordeman, LR Odell, M Larhed
The Journal of organic chemistry 77 (24), 11393-11398, 2012
Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Weinreb and MAP Aryl Amides via Pd-Catalyzed Heck Aminocarbonylation Using Mo(CO)6 or W(CO)6
A Wieckowska, R Fransson, LR Odell, M Larhed
The Journal of organic chemistry 76 (3), 978-981, 2011
Synthesis of 4-quinolones via a carbonylative sonogashira cross-coupling using molybdenum hexacarbonyl as a CO source
L Åkerbladh, P Nordeman, M Wejdemar, LR Odell, M Larhed
The Journal of organic chemistry 80 (3), 1464-1471, 2015
Small molecule inhibitors of dynamin I GTPase activity: development of dimeric tyrphostins
T Hill, LR Odell, JK Edwards, ME Graham, AB McGeachie, J Rusak, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 48 (24), 7781-7788, 2005
Trisubstituted Imidazoles as Mycobacterium tuberculosis Glutamine Synthetase Inhibitors
J Gising, MT Nilsson, LR Odell, S Yahiaoui, M Lindh, H Iyer, AM Sinha, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 55 (6), 2894-2898, 2012
A microwave-assisted, propylphosphonic anhydride (T3P®) mediated one-pot Fischer indole synthesis
M Desroses, K Wieckowski, M Stevens, LR Odell
Tetrahedron letters 52 (34), 4417-4420, 2011
Microwave-promoted aminocarbonylation of aryl triflates using Mo (CO) 6 as a solid CO source
LR Odell, J Sävmarker, M Larhed
Tetrahedron Letters 49 (42), 6115-6118, 2008
Long chain amines and long chain ammonium salts as novel inhibitors of dynamin GTPase activity
TA Hill, LR Odell, A Quan, R Abagyan, G Ferguson, PJ Robinson, ...
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 14 (12), 3275-3278, 2004
Comprehensive mapping of neurotransmitter networks by MALDI–MS imaging
M Shariatgorji, A Nilsson, E Fridjonsdottir, T Vallianatou, P Källback, ...
Nature methods 16 (10), 1021-1028, 2019
Iminochromene inhibitors of dynamins I and II GTPase activity and endocytosis
TA Hill, A Mariana, CP Gordon, LR Odell, MJ Robertson, AB McGeachie, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 53 (10), 4094-4102, 2010
Inhibition of glutamine synthetase: a potential drug target in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
SL Mowbray, MK Kathiravan, AA Pandey, LR Odell
Molecules 19 (9), 13161-13176, 2014
The Pthaladyns: GTP Competitive Inhibitors of Dynamin I and II GTPase Derived from Virtual Screening
LR Odell, D Howan, CP Gordon, MJ Robertson, N Chau, A Mariana, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 53 (14), 5267-5280, 2010
Transmetallation versus β-hydride elimination: the role of 1, 4-benzoquinone in chelation-controlled arylation reactions with arylboronic acids
C Sköld, J Kleimark, A Trejos, LR Odell, SON Lill, PO Norrby, M Larhed
Chemistry (Weinheim an der Bergstrasse, Germany) 18 (15), 4714, 2012
BiCl3-mediated opening of epoxides, a facile route to chlorohydrins or amino alcohols: one reagent, two paths
A McCluskey, SK Leitch, J Garner, CE Caden, TA Hill, LR Odell, ...
Tetrahedron letters 46 (47), 8229-8232, 2005
Microwave-assisted synthesis of small molecules targeting the infectious diseases tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, malaria and hepatitis C
J Gising, LR Odell, M Larhed
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 10 (14), 2713-2729, 2012
Evaluation of the amino acid binding site of Mycobacterium tuberculosis glutamine synthetase for drug discovery
A Nordqvist, MT Nilsson, S Röttger, LR Odell, WW Krajewski, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 16 (10), 5501-5513, 2008
Palladium-Catalyzed molybdenum hexacarbonyl-mediated gas-free carbonylative reactions
L Åkerbladh, LR Odell, M Larhed
Synlett 30 (02), 141-155, 2019
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