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Efficacy of RTS, S/AS01E vaccine against malaria in children 5 to 17 months of age
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Efficacy of RTS, S/AS01E malaria vaccine and exploratory analysis on anti-circumsporozoite antibody titres and protection in children aged 5–17 months in Kenya and Tanzania: a …
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Efficacy of RTS, S malaria vaccines: individual-participant pooled analysis of phase 2 data
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Memory B cells are a more reliable archive for historical antimalarial responses than plasma antibodies in no-longer exposed children
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Circumsporozoite-specific T cell responses in children vaccinated with RTS, S/AS01E and protection against P falciparum clinical malaria
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Effect of the Pre-erythrocytic Candidate Malaria Vaccine RTS,S/AS01E on Blood Stage Immunity in Young Children
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Wind direction and proximity to larval sites determines malaria risk in Kilifi District in Kenya
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Safety and immunogenicity of an AMA1 malaria vaccine in Malian children: results of a phase 1 randomized controlled trial
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Advancing global health through development and clinical trials partnerships: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind assessment of safety, tolerability, and …
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A combined analysis of immunogenicity, antibody kinetics and vaccine efficacy from phase 2 trials of the RTS, S malaria vaccine
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Acute seizures attributable to falciparum malaria in an endemic area on the Kenyan coast
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A statistical interaction between circumsporozoite protein-specific T cell and antibody responses and risk of clinical malaria episodes following vaccination with RTS, S/AS01E
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Defining clinical malaria: the specificity and incidence of endpoints from active and passive surveillance of children in rural Kenya
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Estimating individual exposure to malaria using local prevalence of malaria infection in the field
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Peripheral blood monocyte-to-lymphocyte ratio at study enrollment predicts efficacy of the RTS, S malaria vaccine: analysis of pooled phase II clinical trial data
GM Warimwe, HA Fletcher, A Olotu, ST Agnandji, AVS Hill, K Marsh, ...
BMC medicine 11 (1), 184, 2013
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