Kenji Hisazumi
Kenji Hisazumi
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Positioning Technique of Wireless LAN Terminals Using RSSI between Terminals.
T Kitasuka, K Hisazumi, T Nakanishi, A Fukuda
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WiPS: Location and motion sensing technique of IEEE 802.11 devices
T Kitasuka, K Hisazumi, T Nakanishi, A Fukuda
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clooca: Web based tool for Domain Specific Modeling.
S Hiya, K Hisazumi, A Fukuda, T Nakanishi
Demos/Posters/StudentResearch@ MoDELS, 31-35, 2013
Development of a modeling education program for novices using model-driven development
S Akayama, S Kuboaki, H Kenji, T Futagami, T Kitasuka
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A run-time power analysis method using OS-observable parameters for mobile terminals
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CAMPUS: A context-aware middleware
K Hisazumi, T Nakanishi, T Kitasuka, A Fukuda
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Towards sustainable information infrastructure platform for smart mobility-project overview
A Fukuda, K Hisazumi, S Ishida, T Mine, T Nakanishi, H Furusho, ...
2016 5th IIAI International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI …, 2016
Formalization and model checking of sysml state machine diagrams by csp
T Ando, H Yatsu, W Kong, K Hisazumi, A Fukuda
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A software update scheme by airwaves for automotive equipment
T Nakanishi, HH Shih, K Hisazumi, A Fukuda
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Formal verification of software designs in hierarchical state transition matrix with SMT-based bounded model checking
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Data gathering system for recommender system in tourism
G Hirakawa, G Satoh, K Hisazumi, Y Shibata
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An Experience Report of Introducing Product Line Engineering across the Board.
T Iwasaki, M Uchiba, J Otsuka, K Hachiya, T Nakanishi, K Hisazumi, ...
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UDSS: Sensor device for context awareness in home network
T Matsuura, K Hisazumi, T Kitasuka, T Nakanishi, A Fukuda
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A study of context-oriented programming for applying to robot development
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A structure of ac# framework ContextCS based on context-oriented programming
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Facilitating Multicore Bounded Model Checking with Stateless Explicit-State Exploration
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Translation rules of SysML state machine diagrams into CSP# toward formal model checking
T Ando, H Yatsu, W Kong, K Hisazumi, A Fukuda
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Establishing traceability between requirements, design and operation information in lifecycle-oriented architecture
S Ishibashi, K Hisazumi, T Nakanishi, A Fukuda
2016 5th IIAI International Congress on Advanced Applied Informatics (IIAI …, 2016
Applying domain specific modeling for environmental sensing using wireless sensor network
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Small inexpensive core asset construction for large gainful product line development: developing a communication system firmware product line
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