Seiya Nishizawa
Seiya Nishizawa
RIKEN Center for Computational Science
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Influence of grid aspect ratio on planetary boundary layer turbulence in large-eddy simulations
S Nishizawa, H Yashiro, Y Sato, Y Miyamoto, H Tomita
Geoscientific Model Development 8 (10), 3393-3419, 2015
Assimilating All-Sky Himawari-8 Satellite Infrared Radiances: A Case of Typhoon Soudelor (2015)
T Honda, T Miyoshi, GY Lien, S Nishizawa, R Yoshida, SA Adachi, ...
Monthly Weather Review 146 (1), 213-229, 2018
Impacts of cloud microphysics on trade wind cumulus: which cloud microphysics processes contribute to the diversity in a large eddy simulation?
Y Sato, S Nishizawa, H Yashiro, Y Miyamoto, Y Kajikawa, H Tomita
Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 2 (1), 1-16, 2015
“Big data assimilation” toward post-petascale severe weather prediction: An overview and progress
T Miyoshi, GY Lien, S Satoh, T Ushio, K Bessho, H Tomita, S Nishizawa, ...
Proceedings of the IEEE 104 (11), 2155-2179, 2016
Large-eddy simulations of dust devils and convective vortices
A Spiga, E Barth, Z Gu, F Hoffmann, J Ito, B Jemmett-Smith, M Klose, ...
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The near-real-time SCALE-LETKF system: A case of the September 2015 Kanto-Tohoku heavy rainfall
GY Lien, T Miyoshi, S Nishizawa, R Yoshida, H Yashiro, SA Adachi, ...
Sola 13, 1-6, 2017
Intermittent cumulonimbus activity breaking the three‐layer cloud structure of Jupiter
K Sugiyama, K Nakajima, M Odaka, M Ishiwatari, K Kuramoto, ...
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Martian dust devil statistics from high‐resolution large‐eddy simulations
S Nishizawa, M Odaka, YO Takahashi, K Sugiyama, K Nakajima, ...
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Contributions of changes in climatology and perturbation and the resulting nonlinearity to regional climate change
SA Adachi, S Nishizawa, R Yoshida, T Yamaura, K Ando, H Yashiro, ...
Nature communications 8 (1), 1-8, 2017
Simulations of below-ground dynamics of fungi: 1.184 pflops attained by automated generation and autotuning of temporal blocking codes
T Muranushi, H Hotta, J Makino, S Nishizawa, H Tomita, K Nitadori, ...
SC'16: Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance …, 2016
Potential of retrieving shallow-cloud life cycle from future generation satellite observations through cloud evolution diagrams: A suggestion from a large eddy simulation
Y Sato, S Nishizawa, H Yashiro, Y Miyamoto, H Tomita
Sola 10, 10-14, 2014
Distribution functions of a spurious trend in a finite length data set with natural variability: Statistical considerations and a numerical experiment with a global circulation …
S Nishizawa, S Yoden
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 110 (D12), 2005
Automatic generation of efficient codes from mathematical descriptions of stencil computation
T Muranushi, S Nishizawa, H Tomita, K Nitadori, M Iwasawa, Y Maruyama, ...
Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Functional High-Performance …, 2016
地球流体データベース・解析・可視化のための新しいサーバ兼デスクトップツール Gfdnavi の開発
堀之内武, 西澤誠也, 渡辺知恵美, 森川靖大, 神代剛, 石渡正樹, 林祥介, ...
Proceedings of Data Engineering Workshop (DEWS-2007), D2-8, pp8, 2007
A flexible I/O arbitration framework for netCDF‐based big data processing workflows on high‐end supercomputers
J Liao, B Gerofi, GY Lien, T Miyoshi, S Nishizawa, H Tomita, WK Liao, ...
Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience 29 (15), e4161, 2017
Rossby waves and jets in two-dimensional decaying turbulence on a rotating sphere
YY Hayashi, S Nishizawa, SI Takehiro, M Yamada, K Ishioka, S Yoden
Journal of Atmospheric Sciences 64 (12), 4246-4269, 2007
Decomposition of the large-scale atmospheric state driving downscaling: a perspective on dynamical downscaling for regional climate study
S Nishizawa, SA Adachi, Y Kajikawa, T Yamaura, K Ando, R Yoshida, ...
Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 5 (1), 1-13, 2018
Toward a general I/O arbitration framework for netCDF based big data processing
J Liao, B Gerofi, GY Lien, S Nishizawa, T Miyoshi, H Tomita, Y Ishikawa
European Conference on Parallel Processing, 293-305, 2016
Classification of polar-night jet oscillations and their relationship to fast and slow variations in a global mechanistic circulation model of the stratosphere and troposphere
M Kohma, S Nishizawa, S Yoden
Journal of climate 23 (23), 6438-6444, 2010
Gfdnavi, Web-based Data and Knowledge Server Software for Geophysical Fluid Sciences, Part I: rationales, stand-alone features, and supporting knowledge documentation linked to …
T Horinouchi, S Nishizawa, C Watanabe, A Tomobayashi, S Otsuka, ...
International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications, 93-104, 2010
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