Martin Kasparick
Martin Kasparick
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5GNOW: non-orthogonal, asynchronous waveforms for future mobile applications
G Wunder, P Jung, M Kasparick, T Wild, F Schaich, Y Chen, ST Brink, ...
Communications Magazine, IEEE 52 (2), 97-105, 2014
5GNOW: Challenging the LTE design paradigms of orthogonality and synchronicity
G Wunder, M Kasparick, S ten Brink, F Schaich, T Wild, I Gaspar, ...
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Towards 5G: Applications, requirements and candidate technologies
R Vannithamby, S Talwar
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Kernel-based adaptive online reconstruction of coverage maps with side information
M Kasparick, RLG Cavalcante, S Valentin, S Stańczak, M Yukawa
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Bi-orthogonal waveforms for 5G random access with short message support
M Kasparick, G Wunder, P Jung, D Maryopi
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Medical DPWS: New IEEE 11073 standard for safe and interoperable medical device communication
M Kasparick, S Schlichting, F Golatowski, D Timmermann
2015 IEEE Conference on Standards for Communications and Networking (CSCN …, 2015
Self-organizing distributed inter-cell beam coordination in cellular networks with best effort traffic
G Wunder, M Kasparick, A Stolyar, H Viswanathan
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5GNOW: Intermediate frame structure and transceiver concepts
G Wunder, M Kasparick, T Wild, F Schaich, Y Chen, M Dryjanski, ...
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Max-min utility optimization in load coupled interference networks
RLG Cavalcante, M Kasparick, S Stańczak
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System-level interfaces and performance evaluation methodology for 5G physical layer based on non-orthogonal waveforms
G Wunder, M Kasparick, S Ten Brink, F Schaich, T Wild, Y Chen, I Gaspar, ...
2013 Asilomar conference on signals, systems and computers, 1659-163, 2013
Slurry composition and method for forming friction material therefrom
R Lamport
US Patent App. 10/375,748, 2004
5G waveform candidate selection
M Kasparick, G Wunder, CF Schaich, T Wild, V Berg, N Cassiau, J Dor, ...
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5GNOW: Application Challenges and Initial Waveform Results
G Wunder, M Kasparick, T Wild, F Schaich, Y Chen, S ten Brink, I Gaspar, ...
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Spline Waveforms and Interference Analysis for 5G Random Access with Short Message Support
G Wunder, M Kasparick, P Jung
arXiv preprint arXiv:1501.02917, 2015
Autonomous distributed power control algorithms for interference mitigation in multi-antenna cellular networks
M Kasparick, G Wunder
17th European Wireless 2011-Sustainable Wireless Technologies, 1-8, 2011
Interference analysis for 5G random access with short message support
G Wunder, M Kasparick, P Jung
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Time Frequency Signal Analysis and Processing: A Comprehensive Reference.
Y Li, X Sha, L Ye, X Fang, G Wunder, P Jung, M Kasparick, T Wild, ...
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Universal stability and cost optimization in controlled queueing networks
G Wunder, M Kasparick
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Autonomous algorithms for centralized and distributed interference coordination: a virtual layer based approach
M Kasparick, G Wunder
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Feedback scaling for Downlink CoMP with orthogonal and non-orthogonal waveforms
N Cassiau, D Kténas, G Wunder, M Kasparick
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