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Mitsuhiro Itakura
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Interatomic potentials for hydrogen in α–iron based on density functional theory
A Ramasubramaniam, M Itakura, EA Carter
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First-principles study on the grain boundary embrittlement of metals by solute segregation: part II. Metal (Fe, Al, Cu)-hydrogen (H) systems
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M Itakura
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T Ichinomiya, BP Uberuaga, KE Sickafus, Y Nishiura, M Itakura, Y Chen, ...
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Frozen quasi-long-range order in the random anisotropy Heisenberg magnet
M Itakura
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Material design for magnesium alloys with high deformability
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A Bendo, K Matsuda, S Lee, K Nishimura, N Nunomura, H Toda, ...
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Monte Carlo simulation of the antiferromagnetic four-state Potts model on simple cubic and body-centered-cubic lattices
M Itakura
Physical Review B 60 (9), 6558, 1999
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Mathematical modeling of radioactive contaminants in the Fukushima environment
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Nuclear Science and Engineering 179 (1), 104-118, 2015
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