Ursula Rothlisberger
Ursula Rothlisberger
Professor of Computational Chemistry and Biochemistry
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Dye-sensitized solar cells with 13% efficiency achieved through the molecular engineering of porphyrin sensitizers
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Binding of organometallic ruthenium (II) and osmium (II) complexes to an oligonucleotide: a combined mass spectrometric and theoretical study
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Ligand substitutions between ruthenium–cymene compounds can control protein versus DNA targeting and anticancer activity
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Structure and Dynamics of Liquid Water from ab Initio Molecular DynamicsX Comparison of BLYP, PBE, and revPBE Density Functionals with and without van der Waals Corrections
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Mixed time-dependent density-functional theory/classical trajectory surface hopping study of oxirane photochemistry
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