Jiro Itatani
Jiro Itatani
Institute for Solid State Physics, Univ. of Tokyo
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Tomographic imaging of molecular orbitals
J Itatani, J Levesque, D Zeidler, H Niikura, H Pépin, JC Kieffer, ...
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Attosecond streak camera
J Itatani, F Quéré, GL Yudin, MY Ivanov, F Krausz, PB Corkum
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Control of the electronic phase of a manganite by mode-selective vibrational excitation
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Controlling high harmonic generation with molecular wave packets
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Highly efficient, phase-matched high-harmonic generation by a self-guided laser beam
Y Tamaki, J Itatani, Y Nagata, M Obara, K Midorikawa
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Suppression of the amplified spontaneous emission in chirped-pulse-amplification lasers by clean high-energy seed-pulse injection
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Temporal characterization of attosecond XUV fields
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Carrier-envelope phase-dependent high harmonic generation in the water window using few-cycle infrared pulses
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Pressure ionization and line merging in strongly coupled plasmas produced by 100-fs laser pulses
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Attosecond spectral shearing interferometry
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5-fs, multi-mJ, CEP-locked parametric chirped-pulse amplifier pumped by a 450-nm source at 1 kHz
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Temporal contrast in Ti: sapphire lasers, characterization and control
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Sub-two-cycle, carrier-envelope phase-stable, intense optical pulses at 1.6 μm from a BiB 3 O 6 optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifier
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Attosecond photoionization of coherently coupled electronic states
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Optimization of conversion efficiency and spatial quality of high-order harmonic generation
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High degree of molecular orientation by a combination of THz and femtosecond laser pulses
K Kitano, N Ishii, J Itatani
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Generation of 13-TW, 26-fs pulses in a Ti: sapphire laser
J Itatani, Y Nabekawa, K Kondo, S Watanabe
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Ensuring compactness, reliability, and scalability for the next generation of high-field lasers
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Generation of carrier-envelope phase-stable mid-infrared pulses via dual-wavelength optical parametric amplification
K Kaneshima, N Ishii, K Takeuchi, J Itatani
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