Nobuo Ishiyama
Nobuo Ishiyama
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The Significance of Meander Restoration for the Hydrogeomorphology and Recovery of Wetland Organisms in the Kushiro River, a Lowland River in Japan
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The relationship between the snowmelt flood and the establishment of non‐native brown trout (Salmo trutta) in streams of the Chitose River, Hokkaido, northern …
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Suffering in receivers: negative effects of noise persist regardless of experience in female anurans
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Interaction between patch area and shape: lakes with different formation processes have contrasting area and shape effects on macrophyte diversity
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To what extent do human-altered landscapes retain population connectivity? Historical changes in gene flow of wetland fish Pungitius pungitius
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石山信雄, 永山滋也, 岩瀬晴夫, 赤坂卓美, 中村太士
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Predicting the ecological impacts of large dam removals on a river network based on habitat network structure and flow regimes
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Response of aquatic insects along gradients of agricultural development and flood magnitude in northern Japanese streams
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