José L. Sánchez
José L. Sánchez
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HD Diesel engine equipped with a bottoming Rankine cycle as a waste heat recovery system. Part 1: Study and analysis of the waste heat energy
V Dolz, R Novella, A García, J Sánchez
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Heavy metal content of agricultural soils in a Mediterranean semiarid area: the Segura River Valley (Alicante, Spain)
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Methodology to design a bottoming Rankine cycle, as a waste energy recovering system in vehicles. Study in a HDD engine
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QoS in InfiniBand subnetworks
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Model of the expansion process for R245fa in an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC)
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E-cadherin: A determinant molecule associated with ovarian cancer progression, dissemination and aggressiveness
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Osr-lite: Fast and deadlock-free noc reconfiguration framework
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A strategy to compute the InfiniBand arbitration tables
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Virtualizing network-on-chip resources in chip-multiprocessors
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Caracterización fisicoquímica de polímeros
JL Angulo
MicroRNA-654-5p suppresses ovarian cancer development impacting on MYC, WNT and AKT pathways
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A strategy to manage time sensitive traffic in InfiniBand
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A complete self-testing and self-configuring noc infrastructure for cost-effective mpsocs
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Self-related traces: An alternative to full-system simulation for NoCs
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Accelerating H. 264 inter prediction in a GPU by using CUDA
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VEF traces: A framework for modelling MPI traffic in interconnection network simulators
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N-dimensional twin torus topology
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