Yusaku UGA
Yusaku UGA
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Control of root system architecture by DEEPER ROOTING 1 increases rice yield under drought conditions
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Q-TARO: QTL annotation rice online database
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Development of chromosome segment substitution lines derived from backcross between indica donor rice cultivar ‘Nona Bokra’and japonica recipient cultivar ‘Koshihikari’
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QTLs underlying natural variation in stele and xylem structures of rice root
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Genome-wide association study of grain shape variation among Oryza sativa L. germplasms based on elliptic Fourier analysis
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A QTL for root growth angle on rice chromosome 7 is involved in the genetic pathway of DEEPER ROOTING 1
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Development of introgression lines of an Indica-type rice variety, IR64, for unique agronomic traits and detection of the responsible chromosomal regions
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Accumulation of additive effects generates a strong photoperiod sensitivity in the extremely late-heading rice cultivar ‘Nona Bokra’
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The roots of future rice harvests
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Identification of qSOR1, a major rice QTL involved in soil-surface rooting in paddy fields
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QTLs underlying natural variation of root growth angle among rice cultivars with the same functional allele of DEEPER ROOTING 1
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The intersection of nitrogen nutrition and water use in plants: new paths toward improved crop productivity
DC Plett, K Ranathunge, VJ Melino, N Kuya, Y Uga, HJ Kronzucker
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