Ahmed F. Al-Refaie
Ahmed F. Al-Refaie
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The ExoMol database: molecular line lists for exoplanet and other hot atmospheres
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ExoCross: a general program for generating spectra from molecular line lists
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ExoMol line lists–VIII. A variationally computed line list for hot formaldehyde
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A variationally calculated room temperature line-list for H2O2
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ExoMol line lists–XV. A new hot line list for hydrogen peroxide
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G PU A ccelerated IN tensities MPI (GAIN-MPI): A new method of computing Einstein-A coefficients
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ExoMol line lists VIII: A hot line list for phosphine
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A parallel algorithm for Hamiltonian matrix construction in electron–molecule collision calculations: MPI-SCATCI
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First demonstration of 3D optical readout of a TPC using a single photon sensitive Timepix3 based camera
A Roberts, P Svihra, A Al-Refaie, H Graafsma, J Küpper, K Majumdar, ...
Journal of Instrumentation 14 (06), P06001, 2019
Quantemol Electron Collisions (QEC): an enhanced expert system for performing electron molecule collision calculations using the R-matrix method
B Cooper, M Tudorovskaya, S Mohr, A O’Hare, M Hanicinec, A Dzarasova, ...
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ExoMol molecular line lists – XVII. The rotation–vibration spectrum of hot SO3
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The transition of qualitative behaviour between rigid perfectly plastic and viscoplastic solutions
S Alexandrov, W Miszuris
Journal of Engineering Mathematics 97 (1), 67-81, 2016
TauREx III: A fast, dynamic and extendable framework for retrievals
AF Al-Refaie, Q Changeat, IP Waldmann, G Tinetti
arXiv preprint arXiv:1912.07759, 2019
VizieR Online Data Catalog: ExoMol line lists for phosphine (PH3) (Sousa-Silva+
C Sousa-Silva, AF Al-Refaie, J Tennyson, SN Yurchenko
yCat, J/MNRAS/446/2337, 2014
ARES I: WASP-76 b, A Tale of Two HST Spectra
B Edwards, Q Changeat, R Baeyens, A Tsiaras, A Al-Refaie, J Taylor, ...
The Astronomical Journal 160 (1), 8, 2020
Spatial separation of 2-propanol monomer and its ionization-fragmentation pathways
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Journal of Molecular Structure 1208, 127863, 2020
PymePix: a python library for SPIDR readout of Timepix3
AF Al-Refaie, M Johny, J Correa, D Pennicard, P Svihra, A Nomerotski, ...
Journal of Instrumentation 14 (10), P10003, 2019
TauREx3 PhaseCurve: A 1.5 D model for phase curve description
Q Changeat, AF Al-Refaie
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.14237, 2020
ARES III: Unveiling the Two Faces of KELT-7 b with HST WFC3
W Pluriel, N Whiteford, B Edwards, Q Changeat, KH Yip, R Baeyens, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.14199, 2020
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