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Takeshi Nishimatsu
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Codoping method for the fabrication of low-resistivity wide band-gap semiconductors in p-type GaN, p-type AlN and n-type diamond: prediction versus experiment
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Fast molecular-dynamics simulation for ferroelectric thin-film capacitors using a first-principles effective Hamiltonian
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First-principles accurate total energy surfaces for polar structural distortions of BaTiO 3, PbTiO 3, and SrTiO 3: Consequences for structural transition temperatures
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Physical Review B 82 (13), 134106, 2010
First-principles-based calculation of the electrocaloric effect in BaTiO 3: A comparison of direct and indirect methods
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Influence of defects on ferroelectric and electrocaloric properties of BaTiO 3
A Grünebohm, T Nishimatsu
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Proposed design principle of fluoride-based materials for deep ultraviolet light emitting devices
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Ab initio study of donor–hydrogen complexes for low-resistivity n-type diamond semiconductor
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Comparison between the Theoretical Prediction of Codoping and the Recent Experimental Evidences in p‐Type GaN, AlN, ZnSe, CuInS2 and n‐Type Diamond
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Effective Hamiltonian methods for predicting the electrocaloric behavior of BaTiO3
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Polarization rotation, switching, and electric-field–temperature phase diagrams of ferroelectric BaTiO 3: A molecular dynamics study
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Direct molecular dynamics simulation of electrocaloric effect in BaTiO3
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Crystal structures and phase stability in pseudobinary CaAl2− xZnx
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First principles phase diagram calculations for the system : Can spinodal decomposition generate relaxor ferroelectricity?
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Design proposal of light emitting diode in vacuum ultraviolet based on Perovskite-like fluoride crystals
REL Ouenzerfi, S Ono, A Quema, M Goto, N Sarukura, T Nishimatsu, ...
Japanese journal of applied physics 43 (9A), L1140, 2004
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