Ola Åberg
Ola Åberg
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A novel small molecule hydroxamate preferentially inhibits HDAC6 activity and tumour growth
M Kaliszczak, S Trousil, O Åberg, M Perumal, QD Nguyen, EO Aboagye
British journal of cancer 108 (2), 342-350, 2013
In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of a 18F-Labeled High Affinity NOTA Conjugated Bombesin Antagonist as a PET Ligand for GRPR-Targeted Tumor Imaging
Z Varasteh, O Åberg, I Velikyan, G Lindeberg, J Sörensen, M Larhed, ...
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Synthesis of [11C]/[13C] acrylamides by palladium-mediated carbonylation
J Eriksson, O Åberg, B Långström
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Rhodium‐mediated [11C]carbonylation: a library of N‐phenyl‐N′‐{4‐(4‐quinolyloxy)‐phenyl}‐[11C]‐urea derivatives as potential PET angiogenic probes
O Ilovich, O Åberg, B Långström, E Mishani
Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals: The Official Journal …, 2009
Synthesis of substituted [11C]ureas and [11C]sulphonylureas by Rh(I)‐mediated carbonylation
O Åberg, B Långström
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Preclinical evaluation of a CXCR4-specific 68Ga-labelled TN14003 derivative for cancer PET imaging
GPC George, E Stevens, O Åberg, QD Nguyen, F Pisaneschi, AC Spivey, ...
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry 22 (2), 796-803, 2014
Combinatorial synthesis of labelled drugs and PET tracers: synthesis of a focused library of 11C‐carbonyl‐labelled acrylamides as potential biomarkers of EGFR …
O Åberg, B Långström
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18F-labelling of a cyclic pentapeptide inhibitor of the chemokine receptor CXCR4
O Åberg, F Pisaneschi, G Smith, QD Nguyen, E Stevens, EO Aboagye
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Design of symmetrical and nonsymmetrical N, N-dimethylaminopyridine derivatives as highly potent choline kinase alpha inhibitors
S Trousil, L Carroll, A Kalusa, O Aberg, M Kaliszczak, EO Aboagye
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Synthesis of 11C‐labeled sulfonyl carbamates through a multicomponent reaction employing sulfonyl azides, alcohols, and [11C] CO
MY Stevens, SY Chow, S Estrada, J Eriksson, V Asplund, A Orlova, ...
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Synthesis and biological evaluation of [carboxyl11C]eprosartan
O Åberg, Ö Lindhe, H Hall, P Hellman, T Kihlberg, B Långström
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Synthesis and evaluation of a 11C‐labelled angiotensin II AT2 receptor ligand
O Åberg, M Stevens, J Lindh, C Wallinder, H Hall, A Monazzam, M Larhed, ...
Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 53 (10), 616-624, 2010
Scavenging strategy for specific activity improvement: application to a new CXCR4‐specific cyclopentapeptide positron emission tomography tracer
GPC George, F Pisaneschi, E Stevens, QD Nguyen, O Åberg, AC Spivey, ...
Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals 56 (13), 679-685, 2013
Radiolabelling and positron emission tomography imaging of a high-affinity peptide binder to collagen type 1
M Rosestedt, I Velikyan, U Rosenström, S Estrada, O Åberg, J Weis, ...
Nuclear Medicine and Biology 93, 54-62, 2021
Strategy to develop a MAO-A-resistant 5-hydroxy-L-[β-11 C] tryptophan isotopologue based on deuterium kinetic isotope effects
J Eriksson, O Åberg, RK Selvaraju, G Antoni, L Johansson, O Eriksson
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Toward molecular imaging of the free fatty acid receptor 1
E Hellström-Lindahl, O Åberg, C Ericsson, G O’Mahony, P Johnström, ...
Acta diabetologica 54 (7), 663-668, 2017
Synthesis, radiolabelling and biological evaluation of new PET probes for CXCR4-specific imaging
GPC George, E Stevens, F Pisaneschi, O Aberg, N Quang-De, AC Spivey, ...
GRPR antagonist NOTA-P2-RM26 labeled with fluorine-18: Radiochemistry, in vitro and in vivo evaluation
Z Varasteh, O Åberg, G Lindberg, G Antoni, I Velikyan, M Sandström, ...
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 40 (Suppl. 2 …, 2013
(AlF)-F-18-labelling of NOTA-P2-RM26 and its evaluation as a PET ligand for GRPR/BB2
O Åberg, Z Varasteh, G Lindeberg, M Larhed, V Tolmachev, A Orlova
Journal of labelled compounds & radiopharmaceuticals 56 (S1), S404-S404, 2013
Discovery, optimization and biodistribution of an Affibody molecule for imaging of CD69
J Persson, E Puuvuori, B Zhang, I Velikyan, O Åberg, M Müller, PÅ Nygren, ...
Scientific reports 11 (1), 1-11, 2021
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