Yuko Takizawa
Yuko Takizawa
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Comparing compound-specific and bulk stable nitrogen isotope trophic discrimination factors across multiple freshwater fish species and diets
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Omnivory in bees: Elevated trophic positions among all major bee families
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Intra‐trophic isotopic discrimination of 15N/14N for amino acids in autotrophs: Implications for nitrogen dynamics in ecological studies
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A new analytical method for determination of the nitrogen isotopic composition of methionine: Its application to aquatic ecosystems with mixed resources
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A new insight into isotopic fractionation associated with decarboxylation in organisms: Implications for amino acid isotope approaches in biogeoscience
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Are baby sprouts eating the proteins in the mother sweet potato?
Y Takizawa, Y Chikaraishi
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Change in the δ15N value of plant amino acids on the phenology of leaf flush and senescence
Y Takizawa, Y Chikaraishi
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Compression of trophic discrimination in 15N/14N within amino acids for herbivorous gastropods
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Trophic response to ecological conditions of habitats: Evidence from trophic variability of freshwater fish
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Trophic hierarchy of coastal marine fish communities viewed via compound-specific isotope analysis of amino acids
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Quantifying niche partitioning and multichannel feeding among tree squirrels
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Bees are omnivores: Elevated trophic positions observed among all major, extant bee families
SA Steffan, PS Dharampal, BN Danforth, Y Takizawa, Y Chikaraishi
2018 North Central Branch Meeting, 2018
論文 1–12