Eleni Pavlopoulou
Eleni Pavlopoulou
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Block copolymer as a nanostructuring agent for high‐efficiency and annealing‐free bulk heterojunction organic solar cells
C Renaud, SJ Mougnier, E Pavlopoulou, C Brochon, G Fleury, D Deribew, ...
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Tuning the morphology of all-polymer opvs through altering polymer–solvent interactions
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Correlating the Seebeck coefficient of thermoelectric polymer thin films to their charge transport mechanism
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Phase separation-driven stratification in conventional and inverted P3HT: PCBM organic solar cells
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Crystallization-driven enhancement in photovoltaic performance through block copolymer incorporation into P3HT: PCBM blends
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Modular construction of P3HT/PCBM planar-heterojunction solar cells by lamination allows elucidation of processing–structure–function relationships
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Following the synthesis of metal nanoparticles within pH-responsive microgel particles by SAXS
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Vapor phase synthesized poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene)-trifluoromethanesulfonate as a transparent conductor material
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Aqueous PCDTBT:PC71BM Photovoltaic Inks Made by Nanoprecipitation
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Morphology of a self-doped conducting oligomer for green energy applications
JF Franco-Gonzalez, E Pavlopoulou, E Stavrinidou, R Gabrielsson, ...
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Micellization of Miktoarm Star SnIn Copolymers in Block Copolymer/Homopolymer Blends
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Photoactive Donor–Acceptor Composite Nanoparticles Dispersed in Water
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Carbazole-based π-conjugated polyazomethines: Effects of catenation and comonomer insertion on optoelectronic features
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Unraveling vertical inhomogeneity in vapour phase polymerized PEDOT: Tos films
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Impact of singly occupied molecular orbital energy on the n-doping efficiency of benzimidazole derivatives
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A spectroscopic ellipsometry study of PET membranes from IR to Vis-FUV
A Laskarakis, M Gioti, E Pavlopoulou, N Poulakis, L Stergios
Macromolecular Symposia 205 (1), 95-104, 2004
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