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Effects of fuel droplet size on soot formation in spray flames formed in a laminar counterflow
J Hayashi, H Watanabe, R Kurose, F Akamatsu
Combustion and Flame 158 (12), 2559-2568, 2011
Soot formation characteristics in a lab-scale turbulent pulverized coal flame with simultaneous planar measurements of laser induced incandescence of soot and Mie scattering of …
J Hayashi, N Hashimoto, N Nakatsuka, H Tsuji, H Watanabe, H Makino, ...
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 34 (2), 2435-2443, 2013
Effects of pulsation frequency and energy deposition on ignition using nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges
S Lovascio, T Ombrello, J Hayashi, S Stepanyan, D Xu, GD Stancu, ...
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 36 (3), 4079-4086, 2017
Ignition characteristics of methane/air premixed mixture by microwave-enhanced laser-induced breakdown plasma
A Nishiyama, A Moon, Y Ikeda, J Hayashi, F Akamatsu
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Soot formation, spray characteristics, and structure of jet spray flames under high pressure
M Nakamura, D Nishioka, J Hayashi, F Akamatsu
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Effects of fuel droplet size distribution on soot formation in spray flames formed in a laminar counterflow
J Hayashi, J Fukui, F Akamatsu
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 34 (1), 1561-1568, 2013
Primary soot particle distributions in a combustion field of 4 kW pulverized coal jet burner measured by time resolved laser induced incandescence (TiRe-LII)
N Hashimoto, J Hayashi, N Nakatsuka, K Tainaka, S Umemoto, H Tsuji, ...
Journal of thermal science and technology 11 (3), JTST0049-JTST0049, 2016
Simultaneous imaging of Mie scattering, PAHs laser induced fluorescence and soot laser induced incandescence to a lab-scale turbulent jet pulverized coal flame
J Hayashi, N Hashimoto, N Nakatsuka, K Tainaka, H Tsuji, K Tanno, ...
Proceedings of the Combustion Institute 37 (3), 3045-3052, 2019
Secondary atomization and spray flame characteristics of carbonated W/O emulsified fuel
H Watanabe, Y Shoji, T Yamagaki, J Hayashi, F Akamatsu, K Okazaki
Fuel 182, 259-265, 2016
Cumulative effect of successive nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges on the ignition of lean mixtures
S Lovascio, J Hayashi, S Stepanyan, GD Stancu, CO Laux
Proceedings of the Combustion institute 37 (4), 5553-5560, 2019
The radiative characteristics of NH3/N2/O2 non-premixed flame on a 10 kW test furnace
R Murai, R Omori, R Kano, Y Tada, H Higashino, N Nakatsuka, J Hayashi, ...
Energy Procedia 120, 325-332, 2017
Effects of elevated pressure on rate of photosynthesis during plant growth
H Takeishi, J Hayashi, A Okazawa, K Harada, K Hirata, A Kobayashi, ...
Journal of biotechnology 168 (2), 135-141, 2013
Observation of droplet behavior of emulsified fuel in secondary atomization in flame
H Watanabe, Y Shoji, T Yamagaki, J Hayashi, F Akamatsu, K Okazaki
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Effects of hydrogen concentration in the combustion region on polymerization of biomass tar
Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy 90 (11), 1038-1046, 2011
Reforming of tar in producer gas from woody biomass (Application of the inverse diffusion flame in the partial combustion)
N Nakatsuka, J Hayashi, Y Imoto, M Taniguchi, K Sasauchi, M Matsuda, ...
Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers Series B 76 (770 …, 2010
Multilayer reaction zones of a counterflow flame of gaseous Nitrogen Tetroxide and a liquid Monomethylhydrazine pool
J Hayashi, H Tani, N Kanno, D Sato, Y Daimon, F Akamatsu, J Gabl, ...
Combustion and Flame 201, 244-251, 2019
Effects of the preheated temperature and the change in gas composition on soot formation in the gas reforming process by partial combustion method
N Nakatsuka, J Hayashi, Y Imoto, Y Kirimura, D Kohei, F Akamatsu
Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan 51 (4), 258-263, 2014
Method for cultivating plant and plant cultivation device
N Tatsumi, H Fuji, F Akamatsu, A Kobayashi, S Kurimoto, Y Suda, ...
US Patent App. 13/701,416, 2013
Optical measurement of spray combustion fields in a sub-scale model for aircraft gas turbine engine combustor
H Moriai, J Hayashi, P Wang, N Nakatsuka, F Akamatsu, R Kurose, ...
J. Gas Turbine Soc. Jpn. 39, 125-130, 2011
Study on soot formation in spray flames (Effect of droplet size distribution)
J Hayashi, F Akamatsu, C Ahn, T Seo, H Watanabe, R Kurose
Nihon Kikai Gakkai Ronbunshu, B Hen/Transactions of the Japan Society of …, 2008
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