Prof. Emanuele Neri
Prof. Emanuele Neri
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80-kV pulmonary CT angiography with 40 mL of iodinated contrast material in lean patients: comparison of vascular enhancement with iodixanol (320 mg I/mL) and iomeprol (400 mg …
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Dynamic MRI of the small bowel: usefulness of quantitative contrast-enhancement parameters and time–signal intensity curves for differentiating between active and inactive …
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Use of CT and artificial intelligence in suspected or COVID-19 positive patients: statement of the Italian Society of Medical and Interventional Radiology
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ESR paper on structured reporting in radiology
European Society of Radiology (ESR) communications@ myesr. org
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CT in vascular pathologies
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Tumors of the central nervous system
MA Hayat
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CT perfusion of head and neck tumors: how we do it
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