Nadia Bazihizina
Nadia Bazihizina
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Plant growth and physiology under heterogeneous salinity
N Bazihizina, EG Barrett-Lennard, TD Colmer
Plant and soil 354 (1), 1-19, 2012
Response to non-uniform salinity in the root zone of the halophyte Atriplex nummularia: growth, photosynthesis, water relations and tissue ion concentrations
N Bazihizina, TD Colmer, EG Barrett-Lennard
Annals of Botany 104 (4), 737-745, 2009
Soil volatile analysis by proton transfer reaction-time of flight mass spectrometry (PTR-TOF-MS)
S Mancuso, C Taiti, N Bazihizina, C Costa, P Menesatti, L Giagnoni, ...
Applied Soil Ecology 86, 182-191, 2015
Plant responses to heterogeneous salinity: growth of the halophyte Atriplex nummularia is determined by the root-weighted mean salinity of the root zone
N Bazihizina, EG Barrett-Lennard, TD Colmer
Journal of Experimental Botany 63 (18), 6347-6358, 2012
Photosynthesizing on metal excess: Copper differently induced changes in various photosynthetic parameters in copper tolerant and sensitive Silene paradoxa L. populations
N Bazihizina, I Colzi, E Giorni, S Mancuso, C Gonnelli
Plant Science 232, 67-76, 2015
Differential tolerance to combined salinity and O2 deficiency in the halophytic grasses Puccinellia ciliata and Thinopyrum ponticum: the importance of K+ retention in roots
NL Teakle, N Bazihizina, S Shabala, TD Colmer, EG Barrett-Lennard, ...
Environmental and Experimental Botany 87, 69-78, 2013
Epidermal bladder cells confer salinity stress tolerance in the halophyte quinoa and Atriplex species
A Kiani‐Pouya, U Roessner, NS Jayasinghe, A Lutz, T Rupasinghe, ...
Plant, cell & environment 40 (9), 1900-1915, 2017
Volatile organic compounds in truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico): comparison of samples from different regions of Italy and from different seasons
F Vita, C Taiti, A Pompeiano, N Bazihizina, V Lucarotti, S Mancuso, A Alpi
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-15, 2015
Use of volatile organic compounds and physicochemical parameters for monitoring the post-harvest ripening of imported tropical fruits
C Taiti, C Costa, P Menesatti, S Caparrotta, N Bazihizina, E Azzarello, ...
European Food Research and Technology 241 (1), 91-102, 2015
Class‐modeling approach to PTR‐TOFMS data: a peppers case study
C Taiti, C Costa, P Menesatti, D Comparini, N Bazihizina, E Azzarello, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 95 (8), 1757-1763, 2015
Understanding the molecular basis of salt sequestration in epidermal bladder cells of Chenopodium quinoa
J Böhm, M Messerer, HM Müller, J Scholz-Starke, A Gradogna, ...
Current Biology 28 (19), 3075-3085. e7, 2018
Na+ extrusion from the cytosol and tissue-specific Na+ sequestration in roots confer differential salt stress tolerance between durum and bread wheat
H Wu, L Shabala, E Azzarello, Y Huang, C Pandolfi, N Su, Q Wu, S Cai, ...
Journal of experimental botany 69 (16), 3987-4001, 2018
Extrafloral-nectar-based partner manipulation in plant–ant relationships
DA Grasso, C Pandolfi, N Bazihizina, D Nocentini, M Nepi, S Mancuso
AoB Plants 7, 2015
Zn2+-induced changes at the root level account for the increased tolerance of acclimated tobacco plants
N Bazihizina, C Taiti, L Marti, A Rodrigo-Moreno, F Spinelli, C Giordano, ...
Journal of experimental botany 65 (17), 4931-4942, 2014
PAMP activity of cerato-platanin during plant interaction: an-omic approach
S Luti, A Caselli, C Taiti, N Bazihizina, C Gonnelli, S Mancuso, L Pazzagli
International journal of molecular sciences 17 (6), 866, 2016
Root phonotropism: early signalling events following sound perception in Arabidopsis roots
A Rodrigo-Moreno, N Bazihizina, E Azzarello, E Masi, D Tran, F Bouteau, ...
Plant Science 264, 9-15, 2017
Root based responses account for Psidium guajava survival at high nickel concentration
N Bazihizina, M Redwan, C Taiti, C Giordano, E Monetti, E Masi, ...
Journal of plant physiology 174, 137-146, 2015
Friend or foe? Chloride patterning in halophytes
N Bazihizina, TD Colmer, TA Cuin, S Mancuso, S Shabala
Trends in plant science 24 (2), 142-151, 2019
Sensory, spectrometric (PTR–ToF–MS) and chemometric analyses to distinguish extra virgin from virgin olive oils
E Marone, E Masi, C Taiti, C Pandolfi, N Bazihizina, E Azzarello, P Fiorino, ...
Journal of food science and technology 54 (6), 1368-1376, 2017
Sometimes a little mango goes a long way: A rapid approach to assess how different shipping systems affect fruit commercial quality
C Taiti, E Marone, N Bazihizina, S Caparrotta, E Azzarello, AW Petrucci, ...
Food analytical methods 9 (3), 691-698, 2016
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