Selim Gulesci
Selim Gulesci
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Labor markets and poverty in village economies
O Bandiera, R Burgess, N Das, S Gulesci, I Rasul, M Sulaiman
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 132 (2), 811-870, 2017
Women’s empowerment in action: evidence from a randomized control trial in Africa
O Bandiera, N Buehren, R Burgess, M Goldstein, S Gulesci, I Rasul, ...
World Bank, 2018
For the love of the republic: education, religion, and empowerment
S Gulesci, E Meyersson
Unpublished working paper, 2012
The price of gold: Dowry and death in India
S Bhalotra, A Chakravarty, S Gulesci
Journal of Development Economics 143, 102413, 2020
Intentions to participate in adolescent training programs: evidence from Uganda
O Bandiera, M Goldstein, I Rasul, R Burgess, S Gulesci, M Sulaiman
Journal of the European Economic Association 8 (2-3), 548-560, 2010
Evaluation of layering microfinance on an adolescent development program for girls in tanzania
N Buehren, M Goldstein, S Gulesci, M Sulaiman, V Yam
Unpublished manuscript, 2015
Moral hazard: Experimental evidence from tenancy contracts
KB Burchardi, S Gulesci, B Lerva, M Sulaiman
The Quarterly Journal of Economics 134 (1), 281-347, 2019
Capital, skills and the economic lives of the poor: recent evidence from field experiments
O Bandiera, R Burgess, S Gulesci, I Rasul, M Sulaiman
A Roadmap for Promoting Women’s Economic Empowerment, 2013
Repayment flexibility and risk taking: Experimental Evidence from Credit Contracts
S Gulesci, A Madestam
CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP13329, 2018
The effect of compulsory schooling expansion on mothers’ attitudes towards domestic violence in turkey
S Gulesci, E Meyersson, S Trommlerová
The World Bank Economic Review, 2018
Labor-tying and poverty in a rural economy: evidence from bangladesh
S Gulesci
IGIER (Innocenzo Gasparini Institute for Economic Research), Bocconi …, 2012
Loan Contract Structure and Adverse Selection: Survey Evidence from Uganda
S Gulesci, A Madestam, M Stryjan
CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP12742, 2018
Forced migration and attitudes towards domestic violence: evidence fromTurkey
S Gulesci
Oxford University Press, 2018
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