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Hydrogen‐bonded semiconducting pigments for air‐stable field‐effect transistors
ED Głowacki, M Irimia‐Vladu, M Kaltenbrunner, J Gsiorowski, MS White, ...
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Synthesis of NH-sulfoximines from sulfides by chemoselective one-pot N-and O-transfers
A Tota, M Zenzola, SJ Chawner, S St John-Campbell, C Carlucci, ...
Chemical Communications 53 (2), 348-351, 2017
Exploiting a “Beast” in carbenoid chemistry: Development of a straightforward direct nucleophilic fluoromethylation strategy
G Parisi, M Colella, S Monticelli, G Romanazzi, W Holzer, T Langer, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (39), 13648-13651, 2017
Epindolidiones—Versatile and Stable Hydrogen‐Bonded Pigments for Organic Field‐Effect Transistors and Light‐Emitting Diodes
ED Głowacki, G Romanazzi, C Yumusak, H Coskun, U Monkowius, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (5), 776-787, 2015
An organic field effect transistor as a selective NOx sensor operated at room temperature
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Hydrogen-bonded organic semiconductor micro-and nanocrystals: from colloidal syntheses to (opto-) electronic devices
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How does the presence of impurities change the performance of catalytic systems in ionic liquids? A case study: the Michael addition of acetylacetone to methyl vinyl ketone
V Gallo, P Mastrorilli, CF Nobile, G Romanazzi, GP Suranna
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 4339-4342, 2002
Polymer supported palladium nanocrystals as efficient and recyclable catalyst for the reduction of nitroarenes to anilines under mild conditions in water
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Metal catalysed Michael additions in ionic liquids
MM Dell’Anna, V Gallo, P Mastrorilli, CF Nobile, G Romanazzi, ...
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Polymer supported Nickel nanoparticles as recyclable catalyst for the reduction of nitroarenes to anilines in aqueous medium
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A novel synthetic protocol for poly (fluorenylenevinylene) s: a cascade Suzuki–Heck reaction
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New Spiro‐Functionalized Polyfluorenes: Synthesis and Properties
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Regioselective functionalization of 2-arylazetidines: Evaluating the ortho-directing ability of the azetidinyl ring and the α-directing ability of the N-substituent
L Degennaro, M Zenzola, P Trinchera, L Carroccia, A Giovine, ...
Chemical Communications 50 (14), 1698-1700, 2014
Chiral switchable catalysts for dynamic control of enantioselectivity
G Romanazzi, L Degennaro, P Mastrorilli, R Luisi
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Synthesis, Spectral Stability, and Electroluminescent Properties of Random Poly(2,7-fluorenylenevinylene-co-3,6-carbazolylenevinylene) Obtained by a Suzuki …
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Polymer supported catalysts obtained from metal-containing monomers
MMD Anna, G Romanazzi, P Mastrorilli
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Harnessing the ortho‐Directing Ability of the Azetidine Ring for the Regioselective and Exhaustive Functionalization of Arenes
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A recyclable nanoparticle-supported rhodium catalyst for hydrogenation reactions
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Bio-sorbable, liquid electrolyte gated thin-film transistor based on a solution-processed zinc oxide layer
M Singh, G Palazzo, G Romanazzi, GP Suranna, N Ditaranto, C Di Franco, ...
Faraday discussions 174, 383-398, 2014
Novel bifluorene based conjugated systems: synthesis and properties
R Grisorio, A Dell'Aquila, G Romanazzi, GP Suranna, P Mastrorilli, ...
Tetrahedron 62 (4), 627-634, 2006
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