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Structure and method for replacement gate MOSFET with self-aligned contact using sacrificial mandrel dielectric
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Hybrid bonding interface for 3-dimensional chip integration
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High Performance 14nm SOI FinFET CMOS Technology with 0.0174 μ m2 embedded DRAM and 15 Levels of Cu Metallization
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A manufacturable dual channel (Si and SiGe) high-k metal gate CMOS technology with multiple oxides for high performance and low power applications
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Replacement gate MOSFET with self-aligned diffusion contact
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Modification of porous silica particles with poly(acrylic acid)
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Semiconductor devices having different gate oxide thicknesses
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Thermal oxide equivalent low temperature ALD oxide for dual purpose gate oxide and method for producing the same
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Effect of plasma N2 and thermal NH3 nitridation in HfO2 for ultrathin equivalent oxide thickness
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Improving yield through the application of process window OPC
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Germanium oxide free atomic layer deposition of silicon oxide and high-k gate dielectric on germanium containing channel for CMOS devices
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Methods and structure to form high K metal gate stack with single work-function metal
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Composite high-k gate dielectric stack for reducing gate leakage
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Development or removal of block copolymer or PMMA-bS-based resist using polar supercritical solvent
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Structure and method to form input/output devices
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Structure and method for replacement gate MOSFET with self-aligned contact using sacrificial mandrel dielectric
S Siddiqui, MP Chudzik, CJ Radens
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Deposited ALD SiO2 high-k/metal gate interface for high voltage analog and I/O devices on next generation alternative channels and FINFET device structures
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Method to create air gaps using non-plasma processes to damage ILD materials
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Self-assembled material pattern transfer contrast enhancement
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Response of soybean to phosphorus and zinc fertilization under irrigation regime.
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