Yusuke Asakura
Yusuke Asakura
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Utilization of alkoxysilyl groups for the creation of structurally controlled siloxane-based nanomaterials
K Kuroda, A Shimojima, K Kawahara, R Wakabayashi, Y Tamura, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (1), 211-220, 2014
Topotactic Conversion of β‐Helix‐Layered Silicate into AST‐Type Zeolite through Successive Interlayer Modifications
Y Asakura, R Takayama, T Shibue, K Kuroda
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (7), 1893-1900, 2014
Enhanced photocatalytic NOx decomposition of visible-light responsive F-TiO2/(N, C)-TiO2 by charge transfer between F-TiO2 and (N, C)-TiO2 through their doping levels
S Komatsuda, Y Asakura, JJM Vequizo, A Yamakata, S Yin
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 238, 358-364, 2018
Silylation of Layered Silicate RUB-51 with SiCl4 and Conversion of the Silylated Derivative to a Crystalline Microporous Material
Y Asakura, Y Sakamoto, K Kuroda
Chemistry of Materials 26 (12), 3796-3803, 2014
Highly Efficient Water Oxidation Photoanode Made of Surface Modified LaTiO2N Particles
S Akiyama, M Nakabayashi, N Shibata, T Minegishi, Y Asakura, ...
Small 12 (39), 5468-5476, 2016
Optimal topotactic conversion of layered octosilicate to RWR-type zeolite by separating the formation stages of interlayer condensation and elimination of organic guest molecules
Y Asakura, S Osada, N Hosaka, T Terasawa, K Kuroda
Dalton Transactions 43 (27), 10392-10395, 2014
Synthesis of gallium oxynitride nanoparticles through hydrothermal reaction in the presence of acetylene black and their photocatalytic NO x decomposition
Y Asakura, Y Inaguma, K Ueda, Y Masubuchi, S Yin
Nanoscale 10 (4), 1837-1844, 2018
Recent progress on mixed-anion type visible-light induced photocatalysts
ZH Zhao, JM Fan, HH Chang, Y Asakura, S Yin
Science China Technological Sciences 60 (10), 1447-1457, 2017
High temperature hydrogen gas sensing property of GaN prepared from α-GaOOH
A Hermawan, Y Asakura, M Kobayashi, M Kakihana, S Yin
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 276, 388-396, 2018
Multifunctionality in coating films including Nb-doped TiO2 and Cs x WO3: near infrared shielding and photocatalytic properties
Y Asakura, Y Anada, R Hamanaka, T Sato, K Katsumata, X Wu, S Yin
Nanotechnology 29 (22), 224001, 2018
Low-temperature hydrothermal synthesis and characterization of SrTiO3 photocatalysts for NOx degradation
M Kobayashi, Y Suzuki, T Goto, SH Cho, T Sekino, Y Asakura, S Yin
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 126 (2), 135-138, 2018
Recent research progress on mixed valence state tungsten based materials
S Yin, Y Asakura
Tungsten 1 (1), 5-18, 2019
Supercritical temperature synthesis of fluorine-doped VO2 (M) nanoparticle with improved thermochromic property
A Riapanitra, Y Asakura, W Cao, Y Noda, S Yin
Nanotechnology 29 (24), 244005, 2018
Interlayer Condensation of Protonated Layered Silicate Magadiite through Refluxing in N-Methylformamide
Yusuke Asakura, Nami Hosaka, Shimon Osada, Taichi Terasawa, Atsushi ...
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 88 (9), 1241-1249, 2015
Nanomaterials for Infrared Shielding Smart Coatings
S Yin, A Riapanitra, Y Asakura
Functional Materials Letters, 2018
One-step synthesis of micro-/mesoporous SnO2 spheres by solvothermal method for toluene gas sensor
A Hermawan, Y Asakura, M Inada, S Yin
Ceramics International 45 (12), 15435-15444, 2019
Activation of a particulate Ta 3 N 5 water-oxidation photoanode with a GaN hole-blocking layer
Y Asakura, T Higashi, H Nishiyama, H Kobayashi, M Nakabayashi, ...
Sustainable Energy & Fuels 2 (1), 73-78, 2018
Topotactic conversion of layered silicate RUB-15 to silica sodalite through interlayer condensation in N-methylformamide
M Koike, Y Asakura, M Sugihara, Y Kuroda, H Tsuzura, H Wada, ...
Dalton Transactions 46 (31), 10232-10239, 2017
New Method for the Synthesis of β-TaON Oxynitride Using (C6N9H3)n
K Ueda, Y Inaguma, Y Asakura, S Yin
Chemistry Letters 47 (7), 840-842, 2018
Synthesis of a Single‐Crystalline Macroporous Layered Silicate from a Macroporous UTL‐Type Zeolite and Its Accelerated Intercalation
Y Asakura, N Kawaura, Y Kuroda, M Koike, H Wada, A Shimojima, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (46), 11022-11029, 2017
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