Naser Qureshi
Naser Qureshi
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Imaging and probing electronic properties of self-assembled InAs quantum dots by atomic force microscopy with conductive tip
I Tanaka, I Kamiya, H Sakaki, N Qureshi, SJ Allen Jr, PM Petroff
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N Qureshi, H Schmidt, AR Hawkins
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Cavity-enhanced magnetooptical observation of magnetization reversal in individual single-domain nanomagnets
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Null Ronchi-Hartmann test for a lens
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Magnonic sensor array based on magnetic nanoparticles to detect, discriminate and classify toxic gases
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Emergent ultra–long-range interactions between active particles in hybrid active–inactive systems
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Mapping of spin wave propagation in a one-dimensional magnonic crystal
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Hot spin-wave resonators and scatterers
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Technology valuation of a scanning probe microscope developed at a university in a developing country
LR Vega-González, N Qureshi, OV Kolokoltsev, R Ortega-Martínez, ...
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Huygens’ principle: Exact wavefronts produced by aspheric lenses
M Avendaño-Alejo, L Castañeda, A Maldonado, N Qureshi
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A novel ultra-high frequency humidity sensor based on a magnetostatic spin wave oscillator
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Effect of velocity on microdroplet fluorescence quantified by laser-induced fluorescence
B Vazquez, N Qureshi, L Oropeza-Ramos, LF Olguin
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Ex-vivo biological tissue differentiation by the Distribution of Relaxation Times method applied to Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy
RG Ramírez-Chavarría, C Sanchez-Perez, D Matatagui, N Qureshi, ...
Electrochimica Acta 276, 214-222, 2018
Synthesis and processing of pseudo noise signals by spin precession in Y3 Fe5O12 films
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Terahertz excitation of AFM-defined room temperature quantum dots
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Low-energy/pulse response and high-resolution-CMOS camera for spatiotemporal femtosecond laser pulses characterization@ 1.55 μ m
J Zapata-Farfan, R Contreras-Martínez, M Rosete-Aguilar, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 90 (4), 045116, 2019
Nanopositioning for polarimetric characterization
N Qureshi, OV Kolokoltsev, R Ortega-Martínez, CL Ordoñez-Romero
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 8 (12), 6466-6469, 2008
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