Vincent P. Richards
Vincent P. Richards
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Evolutionary and Population Genomics of the Cavity Causing Bacteria Streptococcus mutans
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Phylogenomics and the Dynamic Genome Evolution of the Genus Streptococcus
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Comparative genomics and the role of lateral gene transfer in the evolution of bovine adapted Streptococcus agalactiae
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Genetic connectivity in the Florida reef system: comparative phylogeography of commensal invertebrates with contrasting reproductive strategies
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Species Delineation and Evolutionary History of the Globally Distributed Spotted Eagle Ray (Aetobatus narinari)
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A highly arginolytic Streptococcus species that potently antagonizes Streptococcus mutans
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Microbiomes of site-specific dental plaques from children with different caries status
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Genetic assessment of connectivity in the common reef sponge, Callyspongiavaginalis (Demospongiae: Haplosclerida) reveals high population structure along the …
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Morphometric convergence and molecular divergence: the taxonomic status and evolutionary history of Gymnura crebripunctata and Gymnura marmorata in the …
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Comparative characterization of the virulence gene clusters (lipooligosaccharide [LOS] and capsular polysaccharide [CPS]) for Campylobacter coli, Campylobacter jejuni subsp …
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RNA-seq reveals enhanced sugar metabolism in Streptococcus mutans co-cultured with Candida albicans within mixed-species biofilms
J He, D Kim, X Zhou, SJ Ahn, RA Burne, VP Richards, H Koo
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Transcriptomic and genomic evidence for Streptococcus agalactiae adaptation to the bovine environment
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Patterns of population structure for inshore bottlenose dolphins along the eastern United States
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Genome based phylogeny and comparative genomic analysis of intra-mammary pathogenic Escherichia coli
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Characterization of the heart transcriptome of the white shark (Carcharodon carcharias)
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BMC genomics 14 (1), 697, 2013
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