Justine Issavi
Justine Issavi
PhD Student, Stanford University
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3D archaeology at Çatalhöyük
M Forte, N Dell'Unto, J Issavi, L Onsurez, N Lercari
International Journal of Heritage in the Digital Era 1 (3), 351-378, 2012
Revisiting reflexive archaeology at Çatalhöyük: integrating digital and 3D technologies at the trowel's edge
Å Berggren, N Dell’Unto, M Forte, S Haddow, I Hodder, J Issavi, N Lercari, ...
Antiquity 89 (344), 433-448, 2015
The Fort Ross virtual warehouse project: a serious game for research and education
M Forte, N Lercari, L Onsurez, J Issavi, E Prather
2012 18th International Conference on Virtual Systems and Multimedia, 315-322, 2012
'The Rise of the Machine': the impact of digital tablet recording in the field at Çatalhöyük
J Taylor, J Issavi, Å Berggren, D Lukas, C Mazuccato, B Tung, N Dell'Unto
Internet Archaeology 47, 2018
The urban quandary and the ‘mega-site’from the Catalhöyük perspective
L Der, J Issavi
Journal of World Prehistory 30 (3), 189-206, 2017
The Fairy Shrimp Chronicles: An Informal History of the Founding of UC Merced
M Allen, L Colina, K Hatfield, J Issavi, A Olivares, L Onsurez, A Pianka, ...
Editorial 267 Research
Y Wang, S Zhang, W Gu, S Wang, J He, X Wu, T Qu, J Zhao, Y Chen, ...
University of California, Merced, School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts. 5200 N Lake Rd, Merced, CA 95340-mforte@ ucmerced. edu, jissavi@ ucmerced. edu, nlercari …
M Forte, N Dell’Unto, J Issavi, L Onsurez, N Lercari
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