Ayaka Hata
Ayaka Hata
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
確認したメール アドレス: affrc.go.jp
Stable isotope and DNA analyses reveal the spatial distribution of crop‐foraging brown bears
A Hata, MB Takada, R Nakashita, K Fukasawa, T Oshida, Y Ishibashi, ...
Journal of Zoology 303 (3), 207-217, 2017
Temporal and spatial variation in the risk of grazing damage to sown grasslands by sika deer (Cervus nippon) in a mountainous area, central Japan
A Hata, H Tsukada, A Washida, T Mitsunaga, MB Takada, T Suyama, ...
Crop Protection 119, 185-190, 2019
Intake rate of captive masked palm civets on large-sized cultivated fruit, Japanese persimmon
C Kozakai, A Hata, M Saeki, M Takeuchi, H Ueda, Y Eguchi
論文 1–3