Tetsutaro Uehara
Tetsutaro Uehara
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Successive Change in Conformation Caused by p-Y Groups in 1-(MeSe)-8-(p-YC6H4Se)C10H6:  Role of Linear Se···Se−C Three-Center−Four-Electron …
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Fog computing: Issues and challenges in security and forensics
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Structure of 1‐(Arylselanyl)naphthalenes − Y Dependence in 1‐(p‐YC6H4Se)C10H7
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Privacy preserving confidential forensic investigation for shared or remote servers
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Privacy preserving multiple keyword search for confidential investigation of remote forensics
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A web-based privacy-secure content trading system for small content providers using semi-blind digital watermarking
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Security analysis on privacy-secure image trading framework using blind watermarking
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A privacy-preserving approach for collecting evidence in forensic investigation
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Benchmarking vector indirect load/store instructions
T Uehara
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Development of a multiple user quiz system on a shared display
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Integrating fingerprint with cryptosystem for internet‐based live pay‐TV system
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On socialization of personal computing
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コンパイラによる制御が可能な DSM システム Fagus の実現
横手聡, 齋藤彰一, 上原哲太郎, 國枝義敏
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Resource allocation optimization for GSD projects
S Doma, L Gottschalk, T Uehara, J Liu
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Improving computer ethics video clips for higher education
I Fuse, S Okabe, T Yamanoue, A Nakamura, M Nakanishi, S Fukada, ...
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Secure streaming forensic data transmission for trusted cloud
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Semi-blind fingerprinting utilizing ordinary existing watermarking techniques
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Socialized computers and collaborative learning
M Mori, K Ikeda, G Hagiwara, M Saga, T Uehara, H Kita
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