Naoto Tsuji
Naoto Tsuji
Department of Physics, University of Tokyo
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Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory and its applications
H Aoki, N Tsuji, M Eckstein, M Kollar, T Oka, P Werner
Reviews of Modern Physics 86 (2), 779, 2014
Light-induced collective pseudospin precession resonating with Higgs mode in a superconductor
R Matsunaga, N Tsuji, H Fujita, A Sugioka, K Makise, Y Uzawa, H Terai, ...
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Brillouin-Wigner theory for high-frequency expansion in periodically driven systems: Application to Floquet topological insulators
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N Tsuji, T Oka, H Aoki
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Changing the interaction of lattice fermions dynamically from repulsive to attractive in ac fields
N Tsuji, T Oka, P Werner, H Aoki
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Dynamical band flipping in fermionic lattice systems: An ac-field-driven change of the interaction from repulsive to attractive
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Theory of Anderson pseudospin resonance with Higgs mode in superconductors
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Higgs Mode in the -Wave Superconductor Driven by an Intense Terahertz Pulse
K Katsumi, N Tsuji, YI Hamada, R Matsunaga, J Schneeloch, RD Zhong, ...
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Ordered phases in the Holstein-Hubbard model: Interplay of strong Coulomb interaction and electron-phonon coupling
Y Murakami, P Werner, N Tsuji, H Aoki
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Polarization-resolved terahertz third-harmonic generation in a single-crystal superconductor NbN: Dominance of the Higgs mode beyond the BCS approximation
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Interaction quench in the Holstein model: Thermalization crossover from electron-to phonon-dominated relaxation
Y Murakami, P Werner, N Tsuji, H Aoki
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Exact out-of-time-ordered correlation functions for an interacting lattice fermion model
N Tsuji, P Werner, M Ueda
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Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory based on weak-coupling perturbation expansions: Application to dynamical symmetry breaking in the Hubbard model
N Tsuji, P Werner
Physical Review B 88 (16), 165115, 2013
Higgs mode in superconductors
R Shimano, N Tsuji
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 11, 103-124, 2020
First-principles design of a half-filled flat band of the kagome lattice in two-dimensional metal-organic frameworks
MG Yamada, T Soejima, N Tsuji, D Hirai, M Dincă, H Aoki
Physical Review B 94 (8), 081102, 2016
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