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Masaki Kuse
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Aluminum as a specific inhibitor of plant TPC1 Ca2+ channels
T Kawano, T Kadono, K Fumoto, F Lapeyrie, M Kuse, M Isobe, T Furuichi, ...
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Action of aluminum, novel TPC1-type channel inhibitor, against salicylate-induced and cold-shock-induced calcium influx in tobacco BY-2 cells
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Synthesis of 13C-dehydrocoelenterazine and NMR studies on the bioluminescence of a Symplectoteuthis model
M Kuse, M Isobe
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Reductive monoalkylation of nitro aryls in one-pot
MO Sydnes, M Kuse, M Isobe
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Synthesis of 13C-dehydrocoelenterazine and model studies on Symplectoteuthis squid bioluminescence
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A novel photoprotein from oceanic squid (Symplectoteuthis oualaniensis) with sequence similarity to mammalian carbon–nitrogen hydrolase domains
T Fujii, JY Ahn, M Kuse, H Mori, T Matsuda, M Isobe
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Identification of (Z)-3:(E)-2-hexenal isomerases essential to the production of the leaf aldehyde in plants
M Kunishima, Y Yamauchi, M Mizutani, M Kuse, H Takikawa, Y Sugimoto
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Molecular diversity of cereulide detected by means of nano-HPLC-ESI-Q-TOF-MS
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7, 8-Dihydropterin-6-carboxylic acid as light emitter of luminous millipede, Luminodesmus sequoiae
M Kuse, A Kanakubo, S Suwan, K Koga, M Isobe, O Shimomura
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 11 (8), 1037-1040, 2001
High incorporation of L-amino acids to cereulide, an emetic toxin from Bacillus cereus
M Kuse, T Franz, K Koga, S Suwan, M Isobe, N Agata, M Ohta
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 10 (8), 735-739, 2000
Cysteine-390 is the binding site of luminous substance with symplectin, a photoprotein from Okinawan squid, Symplectoteuthis oualaniensis
M Isobe, M Kuse, N Tani, T Fujii, T Matsuda
Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B 84 (9), 386-392, 2008
Novel synthetic route of aryl-aminopyrazine
M Kuse, N Kondo, Y Ohyabu, M Isobe
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Complexation of cyclic dodecadepsipeptide, cereulide with ammonium salts
S Pitchayawasin, M Kuse, K Koga, M Isobe, N Agata, M Ohta
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Synthesis of azide-fluoro-dehydrocoelenterazine analog as a photoaffinity-labeling probe and photolysis of azide-fluoro-coelenterazine
M Kuse, I Doi, N Kondo, Y Kageyama, M Isobe
Tetrahedron 61 (24), 5754-5762, 2005
Pholasin luminescence is enhanced by addition of dehydrocoelenterazine
M Kuse, E Tanaka, T Nishikawa
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 18 (20), 5657-5659, 2008
19F-Dehydrocoelenterazine as probe to investigate the active site of symplectin
M Isobe, T Fujii, M Kuse, K Miyamoto, K Koga
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Chemistry of photoproteins as interface between bioactive molecules and protein function
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Dehydrocoelenterazine is the organic substance constituting the prosthetic group of pholasin
E Tanaka, M Kuse, T Nishikawa
ChemBioChem 10 (17), 2725-2729, 2009
Protein phosphatase inhibitory activity of tautomycin photoaffinity probes evaluated at femto-molar level
MO Sydnes, M Kuse, M Kurono, A Shimomura, H Ohinata, A Takai, ...
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Determination of Solvent‐Trapped Products Obtained by Photolysis of Aryl Azides in 2, 2, 2‐Trifluoroethanol
MO Sydnes, I Doi, A Ohishi, M Kuse, M Isobe
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 3 (1), 102-112, 2008
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