Akihiro Nishiguchi
Akihiro Nishiguchi
National Institute for Interactive Materials
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Rapid construction of three‐dimensional multilayered tissues with endothelial tube networks by the cell‐accumulation technique
A Nishiguchi, H Yoshida, M Matsusaki, M Akashi
Advanced Materials 23 (31), 3506-3510, 2011
Development of vascularized iPSC derived 3D-cardiomyocyte tissues by filtration Layer-by-Layer technique and their application for pharmaceutical assays
Y Amano, A Nishiguchi, M Matsusaki, H Iseoka, S Miyagawa, Y Sawa, ...
Acta biomaterialia 33, 110-121, 2016
Effects of angiogenic factors and 3D-microenvironments on vascularization within sandwich cultures
A Nishiguchi, M Matsusaki, Y Asano, H Shimoda, M Akashi
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In vitro reproduction of endochondral ossification using a 3D mesenchymal stem cell construct
JI Sasaki, T Matsumoto, H Egusa, M Matsusaki, A Nishiguchi, T Nakano, ...
Integrative Biology 4 (10), 1207-1214, 2012
Secretions from placenta, after hypoxia/reoxygenation, can damage developing neurones of brain under experimental conditions
DJ Curtis, A Sood, TJ Phillips, VHL Leinster, A Nishiguchi, C Coyle, ...
Experimental neurology 261, 386-395, 2014
Nanometer‐sized extracellular matrix coating on polymer‐based scaffold for tissue engineering applications
N Uchida, S Sivaraman, NJ Amoroso, WR Wagner, A Nishiguchi, ...
Journal of biomedical materials research Part A 104 (1), 94-103, 2016
In vitro 3D blood/lymph-vascularized human stromal tissues for preclinical assays of cancer metastasis
A Nishiguchi, M Matsusaki, MR Kano, H Nishihara, D Okano, Y Asano, ...
Biomaterials 179, 144-155, 2018
In‐Gel Direct Laser Writing for 3D‐Designed Hydrogel Composites That Undergo Complex Self‐Shaping
A Nishiguchi, A Mourran, H Zhang, M Möller
Advanced Science 5 (1), 1700038, 2018
Ultrastructure of blood and lymphatic vascular networks in three-dimensional cultured tissues fabricated by extracellular matrix nanofilm-based cell accumulation technique
Y Asano, A Nishiguchi, M Matsusaki, D Okano, E Saito, M Akashi, ...
Microscopy 63 (3), 219-226, 2014
4D printing of a light-driven soft actuator with programmed printing density
A Nishiguchi, H Zhang, S Schweizerhof, MF Schulte, A Mourran, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (10), 12176-12185, 2020
In vitro placenta barrier model using primary human trophoblasts, underlying connective tissue and vascular endothelium
A Nishiguchi, C Gilmore, A Sood, M Matsusaki, G Collett, D Tannetta, ...
Biomaterials 192, 140-148, 2019
3D-fibroblast tissues constructed by a cell-coat technology enhance tight-junction formation of human colon epithelial cells
M Matsusaki, D Hikimoto, A Nishiguchi, K Kadowaki, K Ohura, T Imai, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 457 (3), 363-369, 2015
Basement membrane mimics of biofunctionalized nanofibers for a bipolar-cultured human primary alveolar-capillary barrier model
A Nishiguchi, S Singh, M Wessling, CJ Kirkpatrick, M Möller
Biomacromolecules 18 (3), 719-727, 2017
Underwater-adhesive microparticle dressing composed of hydrophobically-modified Alaska pollock gelatin for gastrointestinal tract wound healing
A Nishiguchi, Y Kurihara, T Taguchi
Acta biomaterialia 99, 387-396, 2019
Multifunctional hydrophobized microparticles for accelerated wound healing after endoscopic submucosal dissection
A Nishiguchi, F Sasaki, H Maeda, M Kabayama, A Ido, T Taguchi
Small 15 (35), 1901566, 2019
High‐throughput blood‐and lymph‐capillaries with open‐ended pores which allow the transport of drugs and cells
D Hikimoto, A Nishiguchi, M Matsusaki, M Akashi
Advanced healthcare materials 5 (15), 1969-1978, 2016
Construction and myogenic differentiation of 3D myoblast tissues fabricated by fibronectin-gelatin nanofilm coating
V Gribova, CY Liu, A Nishiguchi, M Matsusaki, T Boudou, C Picart, ...
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 474 (3), 515-521, 2016
Structural and viscoelastic properties of layer-by-layer extracellular matrix (ECM) nanofilms and their interactions with living cells
A Nishiguchi, M Matsusaki, M Akashi
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering 1 (9), 816-824, 2015
Human Co-and triple-culture model of the alveolar-capillary barrier on a basement membrane mimic
E Dohle, S Singh, A Nishigushi, T Fischer, M Wessling, M Möller, R Sader, ...
Tissue Engineering Part C: Methods 24 (9), 495-503, 2018
Osteoclast-responsive, injectable bone of bisphosphonated-nanocellulose that regulates osteoclast/osteoblast activity for bone regeneration
A Nishiguchi, T Taguchi
Biomacromolecules 20 (3), 1385-1393, 2019
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