Manal Said Fawzy
Manal Said Fawzy
Prof. Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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Rapid detection of β-thalassemia alleles in Egypt using naturally or amplified created restriction sites and direct sequencing: a step in disease control
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Protective effect of boswellic acids versus pioglitazone in a rat model of diet-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: influence on insulin resistance and energy expenditure
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Vitamin D insufficiency as a potential culprit in critical COVID‐19 patients
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Antagonistic effects of Spirulina platensis on diazinon-induced hemato-biochemical alterations and oxidative stress in rats
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Diagnostic and prognostic value of hematological and immunological markers in COVID-19 infection: A meta-analysis of 6320 patients
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MicroRNA-34a: a key regulator in the hallmarks of renal cell carcinoma
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Association of cardiac biomarkers and comorbidities with increased mortality, severity, and cardiac injury in COVID‐19 patients: a meta‐regression and decision tree analysis
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