Takahiro G. Yamada
Takahiro G. Yamada
Keio University
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Transcriptome analysis of the anhydrobiotic cell line Pv11 infers the mechanism of desiccation tolerance and recovery.
TG Yamada, Y Suetsugu, R Deviatiiarov, O Gusev, R Cornette, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 17941, 2018
Predicting the future direction of cell movement with convolutional neural networks
S Nishimoto, Y Tokuoka, TG Yamada, NF Hiroi, A Funahashi
PloS one 14 (9), e0221245, 2019
Activation of cell migration via morphological changes in focal adhesions depends on shear stress in MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma cells
T Hiraiwa, TG Yamada, N Miki, A Funahashi, N Hiroi
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 16 (152), 20180934, 2019
Quantitative analysis of sensitivity to a Wnt3a gradient in determination of the pole‐to‐pole axis of mitotic cells by using a microfluidic device
T Hiraiwa, Y Nakai, TG Yamada, R Tanimoto, H Kimura, Y Matsumoto, ...
FEBS open bio 8 (12), 1920-1935, 2018
論文 1–4