Takeshi OSAWA
Takeshi OSAWA
Tokyo Metropolitan University
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Areas of increasing agricultural abandonment overlap the distribution of previously common, currently threatened plant species
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Are both agricultural intensification and farmland abandonment threats to biodiversity? A test with bird communities in paddy-dominated landscapes
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Multiple factors drive regional agricultural abandonment
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Bagging GLM: improved generalized linear model for the analysis of zero-inflated data
T Osawa, H Mitsuhashi, Y Uematsu, A Ushimaru
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「オープンデータ」 という考え方と, 生物多様性分野への適用に向けた課題 (学術情報)
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特定外来生物オオハンゴンソウの管理方法: 引き抜きの有効性の検討
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Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from conventional and modified rice cultivation systems in South India
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Resource level as a proximate factor influencing fluctuations in male flower production in Cryptomeria japonica D. Don
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生物多様性情報の整備と活用方法: Web 技術を用いた昆虫標本情報閲覧システムの開発を例に
大澤剛士, 栗原隆, 中谷至伸, 吉松慎一
保全生態学研究 16 (2), 231-241, 2011
特定外来生物オオハンゴンソウ (Rudbeckia laciniata L.) が 6 月の刈り取りから受ける影響: 地下部サイズに注目して (実践報告)
大澤剛士, 赤坂宗光
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Trade-off relationship between modern agriculture and biodiversity: Heavy consolidation work has a long-term negative impact on plant species diversity
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Importance of farmland in urbanized areas as a landscape component for barn swallows (Hirundo rustica) nesting on concrete buildings
T Osawa
Environmental management 55 (5), 1160-1167, 2015
ビッグデータ時代の環境科学―生物多様性分野におけるデータベース統合, 横断利用の現状と課題―
大澤剛士, 神保宇嗣
Monitoring records of plant species in the Hakone region of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Japan, 2001-2010
T Osawa
Ecological research 28 (4), 541-541, 2013
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