Elettra Marone
Elettra Marone
Ricercatore universitario Arboricoltura e Coltivazioni Arboree (AGR/03), Università di Teramo
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Comparing image (fractal analysis) and electrochemical (impedance spectroscopy and electrolyte leakage) techniques for the assessment of the freezing tolerance in olive
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Dietary supplementation with dried olive pomace in dairy cows modifies the composition of fatty acids and the aromatic profile in milk and related cheese
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Covering the different steps of the coffee processing: Can headspace VOC emissions be exploited to successfully distinguish between Arabica and Robusta?
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Sensory, spectrometric (PTR–ToF–MS) and chemometric analyses to distinguish extra virgin from virgin olive oils
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Sometimes a little mango goes a long way: A rapid approach to assess how different shipping systems affect fruit commercial quality
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Nashi or Williams pear fruits? Use of volatile organic compounds, physicochemical parameters, and sensory evaluation to understand the consumer’s preference
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Il germoplasma olivicolo: un patrimonio da valorizzare
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Whole blood transcriptome analysis reveals positive effects of dried olive pomace-supplemented diet on inflammation and cholesterol in laying hens
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EVOO or not EVOO? A new precise and simple analytical tool to discriminate virgin olive oils
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Oleiculture in progress
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The fate of lateral buds in the olive (Olea europaea L. ssp. europaea var. europaea). A first report
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Productivity and oil characteristics in a superintensive olive planting system in Central Italy
E MARONE, A Mersi, A Ottanelli
XXXIII CIOSTA & CIGR V Conference “Technology and management to ensure …, 2009
Sistemi di raccolta delle olive a confronto
P Fiorino, E Marone, A Ottanelli
Fruit growth and evolution of oil accumulation in the cultivar “Maiatica di Ferrandina” in two environments of the Basilicata Region
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Dietary supplementation of dried grape pomace increases the amount of linoleic acid in beef, reduces the lipid oxidation and modifies the volatile profile
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