Brendan Faeth
Brendan Faeth
Research Associate, Cornell University
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Interplay of Spin-Orbit Interactions, Dimensionality, and Octahedral Rotations in Semimetallic
YF Nie, PDC King, CH Kim, M Uchida, HI Wei, BD Faeth, JP Ruf, JPC Ruff, ...
Physical review letters 114 (1), 016401, 2015
Measurements of Oxygen Electroadsorption Energies and Oxygen Evolution Reaction on RuO2(110): A Discussion of the Sabatier Principle and Its Role in …
DY Kuo, H Paik, J Kloppenburg, B Faeth, KM Shen, DG Schlom, G Hautier, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (50), 17597-17605, 2018
Specific-heat discontinuity vs. in annealed Ba(FeCo)As
JS Kim, BD Faeth, GR Stewart
Physical Review B 86 (5), 054509, 2012
Specific heat to : Evidence for nodes or deep minima in the superconducting gap of underdoped and overdoped Ba(FeCo)As
JS Kim, BD Faeth, Y Wang, PJ Hirschfeld, GR Stewart, K Gofryk, ...
Physical Review B 86 (1), 014513, 2012
Strain-stabilized superconductivity
JP Ruf, H Paik, NJ Schreiber, HP Nair, L Miao, JK Kawasaki, JN Nelson, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 1-8, 2021
Resistivity of Ba(FeCo)As: Evidence for a broad composition range of non-Fermi-liquid behavior
GN Tam, BD Faeth, JS Kim, GR Stewart
Physical Review B 88 (13), 134503, 2013
Realization of Epitaxial Thin Films of the Topological Crystalline Insulator Sr3SnO
Y Ma, A Edgeton, H Paik, BD Faeth, CT Parzyck, B Pamuk, SL Shang, ...
Advanced Materials 32 (34), 2000809, 2020
Incoherent Cooper Pairing and Pseudogap Behavior in Single-Layer
BD Faeth, SL Yang, JK Kawasaki, JN Nelson, P Mishra, CT Parzyck, C Li, ...
Physical Review X 11 (2), 021054, 2021
Interfacial Electron-Phonon Coupling Constants Extracted from Intrinsic Replica Bands in Monolayer
BD Faeth, S Xie, S Yang, JK Kawasaki, JN Nelson, S Zhang, C Parzyck, ...
Physical review letters 127 (1), 016803, 2021
Direct observation of distinct minibands in moir\'e superlattices
S Xie, BD Faeth, Y Tang, L Li, CT Parzyck, D Chowdhury, YH Zhang, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.07806, 2020
Mott gap collapse in lightly hole-doped Sr 2− x K x IrO 4
JN Nelson, CT Parzyck, BD Faeth, JK Kawasaki, DG Schlom, KM Shen
Nature communications 11 (1), 1-6, 2020
Enhanced surface superconductivity in Ba(Fe0.95Co0.05)2As2
CT Parzyck, BD Faeth, GN Tam, GR Stewart, KM Shen
Applied Physics Letters 116 (6), 062601, 2020
Influence of surface nano-patterning on the placement of InAs quantum dots
D Del Gaudio, LK Aagesen, S Huang, TM Johnson, BD Faeth, H Lu, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 124 (11), 115307, 2018
A single-crystal alkali antimonide photocathode: high efficiency in the ultra-thin limit
CT Parzyck, A Galdi, JK Nangoi, WJI DeBenedetti, J Balajka, BD Faeth, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2112.14366, 2021
Gap opening in monolayer FeSe/TiO2(100) at low doping
C Yan, BD Faeth, D Schlom, S Yang, K Shen
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 65, 2020
Superconducting Fluctuations and Pairing Enhancement in Ultra-Thin FeSe/SrTiO3
B Faeth, S Yang, J Kawasaki, J Nelson, P Mishra, C Li, D Schlom, K Shen
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 65, 2020
Strain-stabilized superconductivity in RuO2
J Ruf, H Paik, N Schreiber, H Nair, L Miao, J Kawasaki, J Nelson, B Faeth, ...
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 65, 2020
Combined Angle-Resolved Photoemission and Transport Studies of Superconductivity in FeSe/SrTiO Thin Films
BD Faeth
Macroscopic Transport Signatures of Alkali Metal Surface Doping in Quantum Materials
C Parzyck, B Faeth, K Shen
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, F45. 009, 2019
Decoupling Contributions to the Superconducting Enhancement Mechanism in Epitaxial FeSe Monolayers
B Faeth, S Yang, J Kawasaki, J Nelson, P Mishra, C Li, Y Ren, M Bosch, ...
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, K10. 013, 2019
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