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How geeks responded to a catastrophic disaster of a high-tech country: rapid development of counter-disaster systems for the great east Japan earthquake of March 2011
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大規模災害時の安否確認システムと広域無線網利用可能エリアへの DTN に基づいたメッセージ中継法
小山由, 水本旭洋, 今津眞也, 安本慶一
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Kinect-based micro-behavior sensing system for learning the smart assistance with human subjects inside their homes
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Smartphone-based heart rate prediction for walking support application
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災害データベース・Twitter と連携する DTN ベース災害安否確認システムの提案
小山由, 水本旭洋, 今津眞也, 安本慶一
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In-situ resource provisioning with adaptive scale-out for regional iot services
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Census: Continuous posture sensing chair for office workers
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Near cloud: Low-cost low-power cloud implementation for rural area connectivity and data processing
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PathSim: A tool for finding minimal energy device operation sequence for reaching a target context in a Smart-Home
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隅田麻由, 今津眞也, 水本旭洋, 安本慶一
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Sigma-z random forest, classification and confidence
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Safety Confirmation System with DTN-based Message Routing in 3G Disabled Areas Caused by Large-Scale Disaster
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The influence of measurements and feature types in automatic micro-behavior recognition in meal preparation
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隅田麻由, 水本旭洋, 安本慶一
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論文 1–20