Nicolas Mellado
Nicolas Mellado
Researcher at CNRS (IRIT)
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SUPER 4PCS: Fast Global Pointcloud Registration via Smart Indexing
N Mellado, D Aiger, N Mitra
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Rapter: Rebuilding Man-made Scenes with Regular Arrangements of Planes
A Monszpart, N Mellado, GJ Brostow, NJ Mitra
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The revealing flashlight: Interactive spatial augmented reality for detail exploration of cultural heritage artifacts
B Ridel, P Reuter, J Laviole, N Mellado, N Couture, X Granier
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Real-time 3D reconstruction from single-photon lidar data using plug-and-play point cloud denoisers
J Tachella, Y Altmann, N Mellado, A McCarthy, R Tobin, GS Buller, ...
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Growing least squares for the analysis of manifolds in scale‐space
N Mellado, G Guennebaud, P Barla, P Reuter, C Schlick
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Semi-automatic geometry-driven reassembly of fractured archeological objects
N Mellado, P Reuter, C Schlick
VAST 2010-The 11th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology …, 2010
Relative scale estimation and 3D registration of multi-modal geometry using Growing Least Squares
N Mellado, M Dellepiane, R Scopigno
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Map style formalization: Rendering techniques extension for cartography
S Christophe, B Duménieu, J Turbet, C Hoarau, N Mellado, J Ory, H Loi, ...
Expressive 2016 the joint symposium on computational aesthetics and sketch …, 2016
Constrained palette-space exploration
N Mellado, D Vanderhaeghe, C Hoarau, S Christophe, M Brédif, L Barthe
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SHREC’18 track: Recognition of geometric patterns over 3D models
S Biasotti, EM Thompson, L Barthe, S Berretti, A Giachetti, T Lejemble, ...
Eurographics workshop on 3D object retrieval, 71-77, 2018
SLAM-aided forest plot mapping combining terrestrial and mobile laser scanning
J Shao, W Zhang, N Mellado, N Wang, S Jin, S Cai, L Luo, T Lejemble, ...
ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 163, 214-230, 2020
Automated markerless registration of point clouds from TLS and structured light scanner for heritage documentation
J Shao, W Zhang, N Mellado, P Grussenmeyer, R Li, Y Chen, P Wan, ...
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Dynamic implicit muscles for character skinning
V Roussellet, NA Rumman, F Canezin, N Mellado, L Kavan, L Barthe
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Computational Design and Construction of Notch-free Reciprocal Frame Structures
N Nellado, P Song, X Yan, CW Fu, NJ Mitra
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Skeleton based cage generation guided by harmonic fields
S Casti, M Livesu, N Mellado, NA Rumman, R Scateni, L Barthe, E Puppo
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Feature Curve Extraction on Triangle Meshes
E Moscoso Thompson, G Arvanitis, K Moustakas, N Hoang-Xuan, ...
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RayPortals: a light transport editing framework
T Subileau, N Mellado, D Vanderhaeghe, M Paulin
The Visual Computer 33 (2), 129-138, 2017
Adaptive multi-scale analysis for point-based surface editing
G Nader, G Guennebaud, N Mellado
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Screen-space curvature for production-quality rendering and compositing
N Mellado, P Barla, G Guennebaud, P Reuter, G Duquesne
ACM SIGGRAPH 2013 Talks, 1-1, 2013
MCGraph: Multi-criterion representation for scene understanding
M Hueting, A Monszpart, N Mellado
SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Indoor Scene Understanding Where Graphics Meets Vision, 1-9, 2014
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