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Low field electron and hole mobility of SOI transistors fabricated on ultrathin silicon films for deep submicrometer technology application
D Esseni, M Mastrapasqua, GK Celler, C Fiegna, L Selmi, E Sangiorgi
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An experimental study of mobility enhancement in ultrathin SOI transistors operated in double-gate mode
D Esseni, M Mastrapasqua, GK Celler, C Fiegna, L Selmi, E Sangiorgi
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 50 (3), 802-808, 2003
Secondary Electron flash-a high performance, low power flash technology for 0.35/spl mu/m and below
JD Bude, M Mastrapasqua, MR Pinto, RW Gregor, PJ Kelley, RA Kohler, ...
International Electron Devices Meeting. IEDM Technical Digest, 279-282, 1997
Low field mobility of ultra-thin SOI N-and P-MOSFETs: Measurements and implications on the performance of ultra-short MOSFETs
D Esseni, M Mastrapasqua, GK Celler, FH Baumann, C Fiegna, L Selmi, ...
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Observation of avalanche propagation by multiplication assisted diffusion in pn junctions
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Impact ionization and distribution functions in sub-micron nMOSFET technologies
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Characterization of tunneling current in ultra-thin gate oxide
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Compact modeling of thermal resistance in bipolar transistors on bulk and SOI substrates
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IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 49 (6), 1027-1033, 2002
Light emitting logic devices based on real space transfer in complementary InGaAs/InAlAs heterostructures
S Luryi, M Mastrapasqua
Negative Differential Resistance and Instabilities in 2-D Semiconductors, 53-82, 1993
Verification of electron distributions in silicon by means of hot carrier luminescence measurements
L Selmi, M Mastrapasqua, DM Boulin, JD Bude, M Pavesi, E Sangiorgi, ...
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An experimental study of low field electron mobility in double-gate, ultra-thin SOI MOSFETs
D Esseni, M Mastrapasqua, C Fiegna, GK Celler, L Selmi, E Sangiorgi
International Electron Devices Meeting. Technical Digest (Cat. No. 01CH37224 …, 2001
Very low cost graded SiGe base bipolar transistors for a high performance modular BiCMOS process
CA King, MR Frei, M Mastrapasqua, KK Ng, YO Kim, RW Johnson, ...
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Non-volatile memory element for programmable logic applications and operational methods therefor
HIL Cong, JD Bude, M Mastrapasqua
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Heterojunction bipolar transistor
MR Frei, CA King, Y Ma, M Mastrapasqua, KK Ng
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Strong dependence of time resolution on detector diameter in single photon avalanche diodes
A Lacaita, M Mastrapasqua
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Thermal resistance in Si/sub 1-x/Ge/sub x/HBTs on bulk-Si and SOI substrates
P Palestri, A Pacelli, M Mastrapasqua
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Light-emitting transistor based on real-space transfer: electrical and optical properties
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Method for erasing and programming memory devices
JD Bude, M Mastrapasqua
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Generation of equivalent circuits from physics-based device simulation
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A non-local impact ionization/lattice temperature model for VLSI double-gate ultrathin SOI NMOS devices
KW Su, JB Kuo
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 44 (2), 324-330, 1997
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