Boris N. Oreshkin
Boris N. Oreshkin
Research Scientist, Unity
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TADAM: Task dependent adaptive metric for improved few-shot learning
B Oreshkin, PR López, A Lacoste
NeurIPS 2018, 2018
Machine learning approaches to network anomaly detection
T Ahmed, B Oreshkin, M Coates
SysML: 2nd USENIX workshop on Tackling computer systems problems with …, 2007
Optimization and analysis of distributed averaging with short node memory
BN Oreshkin, MJ Coates, MG Rabbat
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 58 (5), 2850-2865, 2010
Accelerated distributed average consensus via localized node state prediction
TC Aysal, BN Oreshkin, MJ Coates
IEEE Transactions on signal processing 57 (4), 1563-1576, 2008
N-BEATS: Neural basis expansion analysis for interpretable time series forecasting
BN Oreshkin, D Carpov, N Chapados, Y Bengio
ICLR 2020, 2020
Asynchronous distributed particle filter via decentralized evaluation of Gaussian products
BN Oreshkin, MJ Coates
2010 13th International Conference on Information Fusion, 1-8, 2010
Adaptive cross-modal few-shot learning
X Chen, R Negar, BN Oreshkin, PO Pinheiro
NeurIPS 2019, 4367-4375, 2019
AMP: Adaptive masked proxies for few-shot segmentation
M Siam, BN Oreshkin, M Jagersand
ICCV 2019, 2019
Greedy gossip with eavesdropping
D Ustebay, BN Oreshkin, MJ Coates, MG Rabbat
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 58 (7), 3765-3776, 2010
Random numbers for parallel computers: Requirements and methods, with emphasis on GPUs
P L’Ecuyer, D Munger, B Oreshkin, R Simard
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 135, 3-17, 2017
Rate-based daily arrival process models with application to call centers
BN Oreshkin, N Réegnard, P L’Ecuyer
Operations Research 64 (2), 510-527, 2016
Deep Prior
A Lacoste, T Boquet, N Rostamzadeh, B Oreshkin, W Chung, D Krueger
Bayesian Deep Learning @ NIPS 2017, 2017
Microwave radar and microwave-induced thermoacoustics: Dual-modality approach for breast cancer detection
E Kirshin, B Oreshkin, GK Zhu, M Popovic, M Coates
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 60 (2), 354-360, 2012
Regional innovation clusters and firm innovation performance: An interactionist approach
E Turkina, B Oreshkin, R Kali
Regional Studies 53 (8), 1193-1206, 2019
Efficient delay-tolerant particle filtering
BN Oreshkin, X Liu, MJ Coates
IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing 59 (7), 3369-3381, 2011
Rates of convergence for greedy gossip with eavesdropping
D Ustebay, B Oreshkin, M Coates, M Rabbat
2008 46th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and …, 2008
Distributed average consensus with increased convergence rate
BN Oreshkin, TC Aysal, MJ Coates
2008 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal …, 2008
Spatial and probabilistic codebook template based head pose estimation from unconstrained environments
M Demirkus, B Oreshkin, JJ Clark, T Arbel
2011 18th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, 573-576, 2011
Analysis of error propagation in particle filters with approximation
BN Oreshkin, MJ Coates
The Annals of Applied Probability 21 (6), 2343-2378, 2011
Efficient delay-tolerant particle filtering through selective processing of out-of-sequence measurements
X Liu, BN Oreshkin, MJ Coates
2010 13th International Conference on Information Fusion, 1-8, 2010
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